March 2, 2009

Photo of the day, Monday

Holly Update: Therapy started today. Holly told me she liked her therapist and that's good. Yo know how pushy they can be, right Cindy? Anyway, she continues to make great strides and you can either see below or check out Holly's blog.

Work is crazy busy. It's funny, everywhere you look the economy has things down. Yet our advanced product development and engineering groups are buried, way buried. It's good to keep them moving as we monitor the industry as a whole slow down. Hopefully when we launch these products we'll be coming out of the slump and this will all translate to new business.
Here's a couple more photos. These are of my cousin Jim trimming a tree in Owatonna, MN. When he said he still takes down trees I had an image of a guy with a chain saw, a long rope and a solid bumper on a fast car. This is way cool. Nancy, thanks for sharing!

Have a great day!