February 14, 2009

Photo of the Day, Saturday

Holly Update: We had 2 friends stopped over with lunch and it was good to catch up and it was kind of ceremonial. You see, that was our last delivered meal. Now I get to see how we are at getting a whole meal on the table, should be fun! They even brought a friend of Ian's so that the boys had someone to hang with, it was nice. After we all shared lunch I left for some grocery shopping and the ladies stayed and chatted with Holly. Holly's going to sing tomorrow in church, actually leading out a song, I am so proud that I could just bust!

Here's a scan of the birth announcement that we just received for Lexi. She is an absolute doll, normally I am indifferent with infants, they all look the same to me, but this one is different, she had something going on already. I pray that God blesses her and her Mom and Dad.

Have a great day!

February 13, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

Holly Update: It was a good day with the PT lady that stopped by this afternoon. The shoulder was moving pretty good. The Ankle, not so much, but that's OK, she has time until the movement is needed, but it's also coming close to time. Less than 2 weeks to go! Yes!

I had a busy day at work and after work we went and celebrated with a customer. We switched the customer over from a competitor this summer and did it without missing a beat, in fact we are now up for one of their annual supplier awards. Pretty good. We went to Holland to City Flats for drinks and hors d'oeuvre. Pretty cool place.
For fun here's my nephew Nick's graduation picture. He's a sharp looking lad isn't he!

Have a great day!

February 12, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Holly Update: She is rockin' awesome! Tonight she was at worship team practice and is leading out one of the songs for this Sunday. It will be an interesting weekend that's for sure.

Work was pretty good today and it's bound to be good tomorrow as well.

While Holly was at practice, I went to 7th grade orientation tonight, preparing Spencer for the next step in his education. This is when he's allowed to select electives and he's on it. He has slotted out his hopes for next year. I was surprised that he's dropping out of Choir, but then again, not really. While he likes to sing, now he can choose his electives and set his own direction, well, up to a point, we have final approval on those.

Today's shot is when he and Ian were a bit younger.

Have a great day!

February 11, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Holly Update: I am pleased to report that she's still doing really well. It was shower night tonight and since I was travelling for business the past few days, it was a slow and relaxing time, well, that was the goal. It was wheelchair basketball night at the Y and so, handicap parking is like non-existent. Not a problem, it was a nice warm night and as I walked out to the car a kid passed me that had some really cool lights on the front wheels. That made me pretty grateful, after all, we aren't tricking out Holly's ride because it's short term. Speaking of Holly's ride, Ian took her for a ride out to the back deck, which is a step down, all by himself. Pretty cool. Here she is looking good catching some fresh air and rays.

The trip was a strategic planning session with my boss and all my peers. It was a 5 hour bus ride, we worked on the ride, then 4 hours in a meeting room, a bit of free time and then dinner as a team and in the morning, back at it in the conference room followed by the inevitable bus ride. The place was Langdon Hall, very cool place to stay. During the free time I went for a walk on the trails and spent an hour stomping around the property tracking deer, and trying to figure out the types of trees and why they were in such straight rows. Obviously, the woods were being managed for some end. I did like a couple of things, the fireplaces worked and the one in the lobby was going every time I walked past and they had a couple of house dogs. The cool thing was that the largest was laying on the top of the steps when we arrived and he picked up his massive head and watched as we entered the hotel.

Have a great day!

February 9, 2009

Photo of the day, Monday

Holly Update: We went to two doctor appointments today. The surgeons office to have the collar bone repair looked at and to our old friend Dr. Bob, our family Doc. The first visit was a bit of a downer, Holly wanted to get off the Lovonox Injections, not happening for 2 more weeks. But everything else looked great, her "incisions" are healing very nicely and she got some more clearance to move her arm/shoulder. At Dr. Bob's we got the greeting of an old friend who's been hearing bad report after bad report and he was really happy to see us. He was also very pleased with how good Holly looks and that her spirits were so high. So that was a good visit. As a bonus, we managed to get to the Y for a shower today too. She's worn out, but back to her good spirits.

I am travelling tomorrow with the senior management team for our annual strategic off site. I have done as much as I can to get Holly and the boys ready. Should be interesting to hear how it goes for them.

The link is from David, yet another report on the resurgence of SPAM. Thanks for the link.

Here's a shot from the past, it's Spencer playing the Super Hero, or so it seems.

Have a great day!