August 21, 2010

Saturday is a day that's meant for rest, but we worked and had fun instead

First off, a good friend, Brad, is really in the fight of his life with cancer.  If you pray, please consider lifting up Brad and his family, Jen, Paige and Hannah.  They are a great family.  I really hate cancer.

Transitions are always hard, but going from that to something lighter, well, it's going to be choppy.

Cleaned the house today from top to bottom today.  Then the "loaner dog", aka Bean, came in.  1 step forward, 2 muddy steps backward.

Holly gets to work this weekend.  While we miss her, it is what it is and it forces me to be a bit more intentional, at least for a few hours, with the boys.

What's intentional mean?  Spending time with them, out of the house, out of our comfort zones making memories (that's what I think, they think I'm sappy).

OK, next you need a bit of background.  Grand Rapids Michigan is a bit off the beaten path, but we like to have fun.  There's a guy named Rob Bliss that really likes to involve the whole community.  He's a bit of a "social media" phenomenon.  He made is splash here with a huge pillow fight in downtown Grand Rapids and followed that with a Zombie Walk near Halloween years ago.  Last year he had a hand in "Art Prize", we weren't sure what would happen, but we found out that we have some pretty cool artistic folk. 

Anyway, today's event was turning 2 blocks of Lyon street, which has a nice gradual slope from east to west, into a 2 block water slide.  Pretty cool, you can see the slide at this YouTube Video spot.  
The boys and I went down to check it out, Spencer was the only one that was totally prepared to risk it all for the sake of the Young name.  Then we realized that the line was ridiculously long, like 5 to 6 blocks. 

 This is the end of the slide


 I asked someone in here and they said it'd been about 2 hours of waiting.  They seemed calm, in fact everyone seemed to be enjoying that they were a part of a unique event.


 Here's the starting point.  You really couldn't get a good angle on the slide.
The water from the fire hydrant seemed pretty strong.

We didn't wait, rather we walked the course and then went and visited Holly.  We got to see where she sits and some of the people that she works with.  She had a great crew with her tonight.

On the way back to the car Ian got into an artistic mode and wanted some new facebook photos and so we played while walking back to the car.  (Hmm, intentional parenting?  I think so.)

Here's Ian on a ledge near GRCC and the GR site of Ferris University

Spencer is serious about this pose and don't you forget it!

Ian found this spot near the car and this is the best of the ones that we took.  He really likes the urban flavor of the shot.

Spencer was definitely my guide down town.

This is the top of the GRCC parking structure and other roofs.

Have a great day, and please lift up the Brad, Jen, Paige and Hannah.

Holly and Pat, Sittin in a Tree...

Would you believe me if I said that it's been 22 years since I married Holly?  I can't.  I feel so blessed to have met her (Thanks for the introduction Jean!).  Before the shout out for us, a few other shout outs and random thoughts.

Dale and Jean Phillips share our anniversary date.  They've been married a bit longer, but that number is irrelevant, what's relevant, they still genuinely care for each other, way to go guys!  I tried to locate a picture, but unfortunately, my filing system is difficult to manage at times.  I hope that you have had a great day.

Today is my nephew Matt's actual birthday, yes Pam, I knew that.  One last time Matt, have a great day/weekend/year! 

Work was pretty work like, really getting mired down with activity, not seeing the results so much.  Need to pick up my head more often.

Went out on a double date with Jeff and Lissa tonight.  Dinner at Grill 111 and then a Whitecaps game.  How romantic.  I snuck off at one point in the game and had our anniversary announced.  Pretty cool, it was announced in the 7th inning, I'm sitting there and hear it coming and nudge Holly to get her to listen.  She smiled and blushed, it was pretty cool.

Here are some shots through the years of our life together.

Wedding Day, she was 12 and I was 16(Not!)

Holly and Pat Young


I believe that Ian was our photographer for this one.

 Pretty sure he's at it again

 Yeah, the height on this one gives him away

 He did have a good eye

 This was with a timer, teeth that week were optional

Who doesn't love Spammy?

 Last winter at a Red Wings Hockey game.  Red Wings won!

 Self portrait

 I wonder why she puts up with me?

She was the belle of the ball!
Me?  I was an outlaw.
Type Casting?

I am a really lucky guy.  Thanks Holly, you're the best!

Have a great day everyone!

August 18, 2010

Wednesday, nearly the weekend!

Work is still crazy busy and I don't see any relief for months.  Business is coming back and some customers are thinking we can help them, we may need to rethink how to serve everyone!

Holly has just been accepted at Ferris State University into the Computer Information Technology program.  The goal is to get out of college before both our boys are done.  Go Bulldogs!  I'd like to show their logo but ... am ... drawn ... to ... ISU!

And so it goes.

Hey, I know I am way early, but I have had and continue to have a pretty busy schedule.  I want to give my nephew Matt a Birthday shout out and make sure it's before the actual day.  Hey Matt, This one's for you!

Some of these shots were provided by an un-named source.  With that information, you know that I have to make up my own captions now.  Matt, it's all in fun, OK?

Some how or another, I always end up on the floor with a weird pink background, maybe I should check the crowd I hang with...

 No, really, I am all that...


 and a bag of chips!


 Was my Dad really a Sailor?  Yikes!

Nothing like fresh seafood to take a meal beyond the hum drum.


My super power is being able to see through these glasses!


High five for Big Blue, no, not IBM, the real Big Blue, my personal favorite M&M Blue!


Just so you know, they're not all from elsewhere.  I took this one a few years back.  Ian, Bryce, Mike and Matt.  I do love my nephews!

 I snagged this one from FB, it's of Karissa and Matt.  I can almost hear them; "We're living the dream, don't you want to too?"

And there we have it, Matt's an awesome guy and I think that everyone should lift a glass and toast him.  Here goes: "Hey Matt!  Happy Birthday!"  Yes Pam, I know, his birthday is Friday, but I like to be on time and if I can't be on time, I'll choose to be early.

Have a great day,

August 15, 2010

The weather has broken!

Rough week at work this week.  Nuff said.

Pretty busy weekend too!  Saturday I was hoping to hang out, but ended up at training for selling Boy Scout Popcorn for the afternoon and then Holly had gotten tickets to our local minor league baseball team, the West Michigan Whitecaps

An afternoon of training sessions about the best way to get the most out of the popcorn sales, not my first choice, but it's going to be benefit the Troop in the end.

The baseball game was pretty good, our team was really doing well and the final score was 12 to 3.

Holly took this shot with her cell phone.  Pretty good!

Our seats were behind home plate and we were in the 21st row, in all, they were good seats, way better than the grass.

The tickets came from her employer and included meal vouchers.  Really nice.

I wanted some peanuts during the later innings and so Ian went to get me some, they were out and would have more in 15 minutes.  I'd never heard of that.  After 15 minutes Ian went and got me my peanuts.  They were screaming Mimi hot!  They had run out and freshly roasted a batch and we got the first of them.  They didn't have much salt, but they were really tasty.

Saw lots of people that we knew at the game, it was really kind of funny, her company, a large health care organization, must have given out 1000 tickets, we saw neighbors, the scoutmaster, people that Holly works with and people that I work with.

After the game there was a pretty nice fireworks display.  Spencer was pretty nervous, but once they got started he realized that there wasn't any reason to be nervous and just relaxed and enjoyed the show.

Walking out I used the megaphone that my peanuts came in  and was pretty embarrassing for my boys.  I used my best Darth Vader voice and called out to Ian; "Ian, I am your Father!(add in mechanical breathing sound)"  While he claims he wasn't amused, he was smirking.

Have a great day!