August 8, 2009

Home again!

I have discovered that my laptop will not allow me to post to this blog at all. Tough break, but now you'll get the reflected version of the trip. Bound to be much more thoughtful, more insightful and much deeper. Wow, did you see those girls!!! Just kidding.

Good flight down on Saturday and Bob picked us up at Sanford Airport. We were off. On the way back to Bob's we stopped in Deland at a strip mall Mexican restaurant for dinner. Bound to be bad was all I was thinking. Then came the chips and salsa, wonderful, really zippy, homemade salsa. Dinner was great too. No photos were taken, so we have to move on.

Sunday was a pretty casual day, Holly and I went shopping for Ian's Christmas/Birthday gift. A new laptop was given to the lad, as you can see, it was well received.

I'm intending to ration out the photos and have some material for longer than a day or two.

Have a great day,