December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am taking a short break from my Christmas Preparations, well, OK, from doing what Holly tells me to do to help get ready.

Tom and Reen are heading here sometime today.  We're planning a small affair consisting of the fondue pots, some fresh meats and veggies and lots of dipping sauces.  That's dinner for sure.  As for breakfast, we're thinking fritatas and then lunch with my version of a Gondola, really, more of a grinder. 

This just in from my Nephew Jake:
Hey everyone here are some pictures of grandpas car with the body panels on it. They have been sanded for the first time and a few spots need more filler and they all have to be reprimed. I love you all have a Merry Christmas.

Here's a few shots of the car that he's talking about.  This is my father in laws car.  It's in process of a complete redo.  They took it down to the frame and are now building it up again.  

The car is a 1975 Hurst Olds and is actually 3 cars being blended into a single, sweet ride. 

It has the right wheels already and the engine is running well.  With the body coming along this well it won't be long until they are scrambling for interior parts.  Hopefully in time for Woodward Cruise.  Don't worry Bob, if you can't get up for that, I'll drive it for you!  ;-)

This is my favorite shot, if you look close you can see the sign says Merry Christmas.  Jake's a pretty cool kid that's learning the business.  Looking good and thanks for sharing Jake!

One other news Item to share is that Taylor is back in Minnesota for Christmas.  He surprised his dad, David.  He's how David described it:
Christmas came a little early last night when my doorbell was rung about 5:PM.  Opened the door to a tall, dark stranger with hat pulled down low.   After my tentative ‘hello’, the tall, dark stranger stepped into the light and say ‘hi, Dad’.   The look on my face apparently made his plan a success.  His Army class in California finished up early (like he expected) and he flew to Rochester and took a cab to my house.   Really, really good to see him.  The whole thing was repeated a few hours later at his mother’s house.   Taylor did a good job planning this whole thing out.  Yvonne is still scheduled to come in next Thursday.  

Hope your Christmas and New Year’s are filled with awesome surprises.

I'll try to post again this weekend.

I love this season!  May God shine on you and yours with joy and blessings.