January 2, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

It sure was nice to have the day off today. We removed the outward signs of Christmas from the house. We are striving, to keep Christmas in our hearts for a whole year. Sounds like another resolution and that's OK.

After the Christmas boxes were put away I emptied the hall closet and we sorted that out, it's been awhile. Wouldn't you know, January 2nd and we have items to donate. After we finished with the closet we flowed across to the mud room and got that all ship shape again. Little things like that make our lives less cluttered externally, hopefully it will lead to a less cluttered internal life.

Wow, I am totally reflective and deep today. Must be starting a new year.

Here's one of Holly that I took the other night. I have to admit, I sure am a lucky guy.

Have a great day!

January 1, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

A new year.

Good bye old worries, good bye old cares, good bye to those things that didn't go so well.

Out with the old!

In with the new!

A new year means we get a new start. Hello opportunity, hello new acquaintances, hello to challenges. Its' a chance to do better. A chance to help our fellow man. What say we try? One life at a time is all it takes to make an impact! I'm in, can you tell? How about you?

My brother had some interesting observations today that can be read here. While he doesn't write as often as I do, I think his writing is more succinct and a bit clearer than mine. Stop at his site, read his stuff, and leave him a note. It's pretty easy really.

Our dear friends, the Sprecher's, came to visit today. We dined in style at, (are you ready?) The Corner Bar, in quaint downtown Rockford. It was so good to see Kevin and Cil and to see how well things are going for them. Aanika is cuter than ever. At first I felt sorry for Kevin for having a cute daughter and having to defend her. But as I reflect on it, and her, I am pretty sure that the up bringing that she is undergoing will keep her safer than you would think possible. No photo, I had the camera out, but didn't feel obnoxious enough to play paparazzi. You'll need to look back to my post from last year.

From last night we have a shot of the set up before the lights went out. You do realize that you can't properly game if the lights are left on! You don't? OK, I didn't get it either.

Have a great day!


December 31, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Happy New Year!

If you ready Holly's blog, you'll know that we are spending this evening and quite a bit of tomorrow morning with the boys from Troop 282. An all night video game marathon. Not really my cup of tea, but the boys are really jazzed about it and since it's our first year I felt compelled to volunteer to be one of the chaperone's. Since the boys and are going to be gone all night Holly decided to join us. Maybe next year a different new parent will watch the boys and Holly and I can do something adult for New Years 2010, like get to bed right after the ball drops. ;-)

In honor of Tom's Birthday, here's a montage of photos that I had handy. The kitchen shots show that he's a great cook. The dog shot shows that his loyalties used to be with a different dog than his current favorite that has slightly lizard breath. In all, these show that Tom's been a great add to our somewhat deranged family. Again, Happy Birthday Tom!

Have a great day!

December 30, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday

Before I get started it's time for a Birthday Shout Out. Tom, the boys beloved Crystal Lake Uncle is having a birthday. His actual birthday is 12/31, New Years Eve, almost as awesome as my birthday. Anyway, let's fill his in box with warm wishes. Happy Birthday Tom! The photo's not the most complimentary, but it is in focus.

This past week I came upon the startling revelation that I am not in really good shape. Like, I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. That's crazy, I quit smoking 18 months ago, I should have better wind. What? I need to exercise? Something more than walking from the car to my desk and back.

It's a resolution coming on, I can feel it, I really don't do resolutions, but I can't help myself this time for some reason. I resolve to a) walk to the dam and back every day that it's possible. Meaning I'm in town and it's not a hurricane out there. b) lose 20 pounds, hopefully that will come with the walking every day, though I suppose I should cut down on the bacon cheeseburgers.

I did the walk twice today, once for a lunch meeting and again this evening with the family. I have included 2 extra photos. First up is one I took this afternoon, this is an overview of the Rockford dam. By the way, we made the front page of the Grand Rapids Press with a story about the flooding and using the dams to control the flow, for those interested you can read it here. Interestingly enough, Rockford shared the front page with an article about how bad the Lions are and they managed to connect the poor performance on the football field with poor attendance. Rocket scientists they aren't.

This is all four of us standing under the gazebo in the park near the dam If you look really close you can see it, top left. Since we have yet to send out our Christmas Cards, this could make it's way into the letter. Who knows?!

Here are the boys sitting on a wall in the same park. As the last two shots show, it's snowing again in Michigan. I was nervous about this shot, the surveillance camera was pointed our way, pretty sure we'll be talked to about this.

Have a great day!

December 29, 2008

Photo of the day, Monday

It was chore day around the Young house and the boys did their best to get it done before dinner. Some days getting them to focus on chores is like herding cats. We also got some fans arranged so that we could get the basement drying. Not sure if this is a permanent problem, but we're going to be watching as spring rolls around.

Ian and I walked down to the dam in downtown Rockford tonight. It was pretty amazing. The river appears to be up 7 feet or so. The lower portion of the fishing area was under water. It was awesome, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera.

Here's Spencer hanging out near his personal Christmas tree.

Have a great day!


December 28, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday

This weekend I wimped out. Oh the weather was dicey on the drive to Crystal Lake and the next day, it was so bad that the Indiana Toll road was closed for several hours as they cleared up some really bad accidents. But today, today I balked at the drive to Rochester. It was icy in the AM, but we could have made it later in the day. Wimp! I still think that the weather on the way home would have or could have been dicey on Monday and I really needed to be home Tuesday morning.

David, Judy, Chris, Allison, Jeff and kids, I am so sorry. We need to plan a make up event when the weather is a bit better.

Here's one of Ian I took this weekend. As you can guess, he was underwhelmed with his dad running around with the camera, but he did allow the photo to be taken, after all, it just makes the whole thing happen faster.

Have a great day!