March 21, 2009

Photo of the day, Saturday

The answer to the previous photo question is my Great Grandmother, Ivy Bell, or as we fondly knew her, Nanny. She was prominent in our lives, I remember Friday night pancakes and watching the Flintstones on TV. She was a very powerful force to be reckoned with.
Wow, what a hectic day! There was a choir performance at the local Expo, Merit badge work at AirZoo in Kalamazoo and Holly went to a cooking class here in town. Bob, that's a link you should follow, (again with stuff that you came readily to mind)
Here's Spencer and some of the others busting a move while singing. Way beyond my limited skill set that's for sure. He did great! He also had a spot where he gave a bit of a yell or a whoop or what ever to punctuate a song, it sounded really good.

Here's the gang of scout we brought to the AirZoo. Ian's only comment, "I went upside down in a simulator, he he he!" Spencer and I didn't and we're ok with that.
Have a awesome day!

March 19, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Spencer has been under the weather this week with some sort of virus that's had a pretty high temp and some other side effects. Poor kid, he told me that he was too sick to go to school on Tuesday and of course, I didn't believe him and made him get up. Once Holly was up, he was sent back to bed and they went to Dr. Bob Wednesday. The antibiotics seem harder on him then the illness was, but I'm just an engineer.

Here's one I stumbled on while looking for Birthday Photos. This, as you are probably all tuned into, is Holly since the accident. OK, not really and not really funny. I know who this is, anyone else?

Have a great day!


March 18, 2009

Photo of the day, Wedensday

Weather was pretty good again today, so I could have rode the bike again, but I chose not to based on a faulty weather report. There was no rain today, but tomorrow, well, we'll see.
I got these from Dave. Taylor, if you get this, well, all I can say is you look so smooth. Also, Thanks to Taylor and all the young men and women that are serving with him around the world. You are all my hero's!

Have a great day!

March 17, 2009

Photo of the day, Tuesday!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope all is well with all of you and that a bit of Irish fun was in your day. We had a great time with breakfast and music and then the boss sent the troops home. Too bad I had a customer appointment.

Today we're doing a Birthday Shout Out to Terri. Dear, sweet Terri, nearing a milestone, but not yet there. Terri, can you tell by the limited shots that I need to work on getting some better ones of you.

Here's Terri at Jake's ballgame last summer

Larry and Terri were passing thru and stopped in for a minute.
Boating on Lake Oakland

With one of her favorite brother in laws

Have a great day!

March 16, 2009

Photo of the day, Monday

Today the snow birds are returning to where I work. Tomorrow is our high holiday, St. Patrick's Day and the owner throws a big breakfast with a Celtic band afterwards playing some great traditional reels and Irish folk tunes. It will be great especially since I wasn't able to be there last year due that minor knee surgery that I had.

Tonight the boys had a Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts. It was pretty good and the boys each earned a merit badge and all three of us are getting a Klondike patch for the winter scouting skill event that we attended. I took a shot of Spencer regaling the audiance with he memories of the Klondike event, but I was too far away to get a good shot. Instead, Holly took this one of the boys and I gettting our award for the Klondike Derby. In lieu of the actual patch, we were awarded Klondike Bars, the boys loved it. Actually, Holly did too since I can't eat ice cream.

Have a great day!

Photo of the day, Monday Morning

We had a pretty awesome weekend.

Holly's doing great, sang at church again and was able to walk up and stand. It was pretty awesome. After church the boys went to a friends house and we grilled and ate out back.

Yes, with the weather really nice, it's too bad the motorcycle is still pinned behind the ramp. But the ramp is leaving today. Yay!

Dave and Judy visited Saturday and we had a great visit. Too bad about the cribbage and scrabble games. We went to their hotel and the boys got a chance to swim. I haven't been to a hotel with the pool that busy. We tried to play cards while they swam, but the noise level was really crazy. For a change Spencer was cheering for me, not his uncle. Refreshing!
Dave and Spencer hamming it up. It was really cool that Spencer wanted to teach Uncle David how to play Euchre, a Boy Scout favorite card game. Hey guys, thanks a ton for visiting and hanging out, we all really enjoyed it!
Judy looking good!
Have a great day!