May 9, 2009

Home from a soggy campout

The boys and I went off in search of adventure at Bertha Brock County Park with our fellow scouts from troop 282. It was awesome last night, warm, a bit a problem with mosquitoes, but on the whole really nice.

We were limited to 2 tents per campsite, and we had a few more than the allotted 8 tents. So I opted to sleep in the car. What a great idea! I had borrowed Holly's new Traverse, so I just folded all the seats down, rolled out the pad and sleeping bag and TA DA, bed!

At 2 in the morning the rains started with a boom. I worried about the boys getting wet, but I went back to sleep anyway. By 7 it was pretty much done. Spencer and I met up out by the fire and proceeded to get it cranked up again. It took a bit of coaxing, but before we had the coffee done we had a merry blaze going.

Right after breakfast, the rains came again and it rained until noon. I kept the fire going, others went back to bed to stay warm and dry and others wandered about in the rain. Very depressing. After lunch though, it was all good and by the time we were ready to leave most of the tent had dried out and everyone was in good spirits again.

A good trip is usually measured by memories and this one had a few good ones.

Here's a shot I took the other day at the putt putt golf course. I am always intrigued with conflicting statements.

Have a great day!

May 7, 2009

Long time, no post

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There! Not sure why I said it, but it's a saying I like.

Yesterday was our annual supplier day event. Every year we really go overboard with the theme and this year was no different. It was called, "Man vs. Wild - Beyond Survival".

The day started out with networking/coffee/continental breakfast and exotic animals. Really exotic, like tarantulas, bunnies, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, lizards. Yikes, before I ate they came at me with a python. I'm sorry, but I am not a snake person. I've met snake people, I like them, I just am not one of them. You knew they were serious about getting everyone to connect with one when you saw the hand sanitizer on each table. I'm sorry, but I have enough issues with shaking hands during this pandemic swine flu. Oh, wait, there was no media, so really, there was no swine flu, or H1N1 for those that are fond of Pork.

As usual, I had to give a talk to the suppliers. I hate that part, but for some reason, I'm actually pretty good at it. Don't get me wrong, I am not a great orator, but I am a fair speaker with few er's and um's. I really have to thank Mr. Mattie from 8th grade English class, he's the first one that made me get up and give an impromptu speech and I've been doing it ever since. Of course I can't manage to spell his name correctly.

After all the speeches came the real adventure, a guy from the Army started a company that did Survival Training, it's called Fox Kits. It's pretty cool training, we learned about maps and compasses, fire building and shelters. Then they sent out our 6 teams to navigate a course by compass, get to the end and build a fire and a shelter. Great plan. We plotted our designated course and off we went. About 50 steps into the adventure, our team was lost. After finding 3 way points that we didn't need, we found out that the one that we were looking for had been removed by another team. Undaunted we pressed on. We found our stride, we determined the best method was to send out a scout, have them go out a prescribed distance and then have them move left or right to end up on the proper heading/azimuth. Crazy, but fun. It wasn't real wilderness, but it was wooded, hilly, rocky, lots of trees down. We scrambled from point to point once we had our bearings using the compass as a guide. ( I am proud to say the knees held up great and I actually walked back to the car with a few guys rather than catch the shuttle.)

At the final point we had 8 minutes to build a fire and a shelter. My team opted out and headed to the refreshment tent with cold water/pop/beer and hot food. The food was pretty good, Henry the 8th turkey drumsticks, huge turkey wings, quail, frog legs and prime rib bones. For dessert we had brownies and suckers. The suckers were interesting, they were tequila flavored and they each had a worm inside. Great conversation starter, not so sure about the actual eating.

Here's' how I looked on the way out in the morning. I haven't seen any photos from the event, but I have heard everything from, wow, you looked really tired to Harrison Ford has a new rival. While I really liked the sounds of the last comment, I am sure I was just really tired.

Have a great day!

May 3, 2009

Home again

We had a great trip and great visit to Tom and Maureen's.

The murder mystery, was a gas. And the funny thing was, we didn't solve the crime. Not one person in our group gave the correct answer. Not even the killer, very strange. Some have asked that I reveal "Who done it" and I am conflicted. While I'd love to tell, I really don't want to ruin the event for the next person. So, if you really want to know who did it, email and I will reply.
Here's a shot of all the players from the dinner mystery. Maureen, Jason, Jo, Tom, Holly, Kat, Pat and Kevin. It was pretty weird from my perspective meeting Tom and Reen's friends at an event where we were all acting like someone else. Not really sure that Holly liked that hussy Jo...just kidding.

Here is a self photo with Maureen and me, and we're both looking good. She wasn't so much the banker anymore, and I no longer the hardened outlaw.

Today we went and played miniature golf. Way to go Tom, you kicked us all, though your darling wife cost you dearly. We all had fun and we all got a bit of sun, it was probably 75 in Woodstock, Illinois. A nice lady took this shot of all of us for all of you.

Have a great day!