January 17, 2009

Photo of the day, Saturday

Wow, I guess winter is back in Michigan. It's warmer, mid teens, but really snowy. That's OK, I did my bombing around early today. After my adventures last night, I thought it would be safest that way.

After my men's group the boys and I dashed through our chores and a quick lunch and then buzzed down to Mary Free Bed to watch Holly do some PT. That place is amazing. They have a little city down on the first floor. They have street corners with wheelchair cut outs, shops, vending machines, elevators, home entrances, bathroom set ups, kitchen set ups. They even have a car that they can adjust the height of to simulate pickup trucks and SUV's. Holly actually fried an egg in the mock up kitchen, another friend was there, so the egg was given away as a mini treat. At lunch time, Holly regretted giving away the egg, it would have been way better than her lunch. I don't know, I've avoided being there during meals.

She did great with her exercises and then she tackled the doors and ramps and everything else that the PT person thought would be difficult. She did an awesome job. It was interesting to watch, she'd roll up to the "obstacle", and then have to figure out how to get close enough to do what she needed to do. A lot of our motions are actually learned behaviors. When made to sit down when approaching a closed door, we have to approach it differently. She was physically tired by the end and her leg was a bit swollen from being down so long, but I think that she was mentally tired as well, since each simple task has to be revised to meet her new reality.

Holly recently got on to her blog; Hollisterjfinklefart and left a short note. She's still struggling with typing, but that's to be expected. She's on her laptop, wrong size keyboard, broken wing, really slow computer. She's enjoying poking around on Facebook and her other blogs, but not active typing. I am telling you that so that you understand, she's taking a bit longer to reply to email, but loves hearing from all of you.

I am tired of the hospital shots and so here's an shot of Holly that I have always loved.

The Angels of West Michigan were at work again today. After we visited with Holly, I dropped the boys off at at friends house, that's one. When I got home I racked out on my favorite afternoon nap couch and was quickly in Z land, trying my best to catch up from a long week of stress and long days. The doorbell rang and I stumbled to the door. I swung it open and the husband of a good friend of Holly's was there with his two boys (There's 3 more angels) and the announced that they'd shovel. It took a few seconds for this to sink into my sleepy brain. I offered the use of our snow blower, but they declined and then we chatted a bit about Holly's recovery. I thanked them and then I actually went back to the couch and slept like a baby. I had a twinge of guilt, but I recalled my neighbor telling me how important it is to allow others to help me, not only for my benefit, but for them as well. What the heck, I was really tired.

Here are the boys with their just completed coin collections. Thanks Grampa Smith! These are the state coins and Bob, Ian and Spencer have been working on them since they first started coming out. This photographic evidence should stop them from buying candy bars, hopefully.

Have a great day!

January 16, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

Thank God it's Friday. Whew, has it really just been just 5 days since Holly's accident? I feel like I've been through a wringer. God Bless those that have been so kind to feed us, help clean and shop. It's an awesome set of friends that we are blessed with.

Holly's doing really well. Tonight I left the boys at home and Holly and I wheeled around the third floor looking for fun and adventure. I found an air hockey table, but she wasn't interested, I usually beat her you know. Here she is in a regular T-shirt. I point this out because it's the first garment that didn't open in the back in quite awhile. She has an OT (Occupational Therapist) help her get dressed in the morning and this was the first time that she was fully dressed and that's got to help your mental position. You know, look sharp, be sharp. She also did the normal 3 hours of therapy so she's a bit tired, but looking forward to the next challenge.
She is cute!

As I was leaving I decided to drive down Division Avenue to stop by the hospital and pick up Holly's cell phone charger. In Grand Rapids Division has a bit of a reputation, but as I moved from Wealthy north, it gets lots better really fast. Then, near the Civic Theater I see a police car with lights on behind me. I pull over and he passes me. Whew! Then I look ahead and see another police car with lights on, and another and another. Next thing I know, I'm stopped at a red light and most of Grand Rapids Finest seem to be converging on that intersection. I look around and the cops are jumping out of their cars and pulling their guns. YIKES! I hear a shot gun cycle a shell into the chamber and all I can think is; "Please God, don't let them shot someone with me here". The light turns green. I contemplate. "Should I stay or should I go now?" If I pull away, while every one's attention is focused elsewhere I could get away or someone may think I'm involved, turn and fire or and this was really what kept me there, I might miss something. then the light turned red and I was stuck for another cycle. Isn't that terrible? I decided to stay and watch because it seemed like I was a part of a cop show and thought it'd be great fun. What a nut. Soon enough a woman was cuffed and escorted, carefully, to the back of a cop car. Then another young man, cuffed and escorted to a different cop car. Finally, a large man was told to place his hands on his head and walk backwards until he was where they could have him easily handcuffed. Shortly after that the party broke up, the city cops thanked the state troopers for backing them up and the light changed to green again and so I drove on.

I really like living in Rockford, and have no desire anymore to live in Grand Rapids.

Have a great day!

January 15, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Holly Update:

She has moved to Mary Free Bed Rehab Center, 235 Wealthy SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503. We stopped in tonight and it's a smaller room, but it seems pretty good. She's set with some reading material and workout clothes. She's going to be assessed tomorrow and from there we'll be able to hopefully have a better idea about how long and what she needs at home.

She's in good spirits, as seen in this shot with her flanked by her boys.

Cool things today:
  • saw a rainbow in the clear sky, very cool
  • saw lights shining straight up in the air, very cold with powdery snow
  • sat in a "webinar" as a panelist on an environmental topic
  • saw my wife moving herself around, the absolute coolest
Have a great day!

January 14, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

I have a Birthday Shout Out to my Nephew Jake. He's a great guy and the captain of the bowling team and catches for the baseball team, now isn't that All American? I have a few photo's of Jake so here we go. Happy Birthday Jake!
As catcher

As batter

As suicidal tube rider, that's Ian next to him

The saga continues. Holly's broken collarbone/clavicle has resulted in a change in plans, she's heading to a rehab facility tomorrow instead of home. Mary Free Bed is the place and they have an awesome reputation. It's for the best since Holly can't bear weight on the whole left side and we've heard the prognosis is 2 months in a wheel chair. I know Holly will be quicker than that, she's already getting rave reviews from the therapists so that's cool. With here there, she's going to work on therapy all day and have her evenings free. Should be 5 to 10 days, we'll see.
I meant to take her picture today, but felt that would be best left alone, even though one of her nursing staff folks washed her hair, did a french braid and helped her get her contacts in. She's doing really quite well now. She also had some issues with the kind of meds that they had her on and that's been adjusted so that she's in a really good mood. With all that in mind we'll go with a shot of the living room. Ian set up the daybed from the basement in the family room so that she has a bed on the main floor. Not sure how we're going to manage stairs for awhile. Now that they're moving her to Mary Free Bed, we have some time to get the house ready. I guess they'll be sending home a pretty major worksheet looking for dimensions of everything from bed height to number of steps into the house. Should be fun, anyway, here's the current set up.

Have a great day!

January 13, 2009

Photo of the day, Tuesday

Here is today's Birthday Shout Out. Today is Cindy's birthday and she turns...Never mind, it's not worth getting into trouble. Cindy was Holly's Matron of Honor back when we were wed. Vicky Dot, Cindy's youngest, was born a few short weeks before the wedding. Cindy and Holly you are the Photo of the Day! Happy Birthday Cindy! Thanks for sending the photo Cindy. This was taken just before they headed for home after hanging out at Sutton's Bay.

I am writing this blog from the 4th floor of Spectrum Health Hospital in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids. Nope, I am not the one staying. This time it's Holly.

Holly had an accident Monday morning and ended up with a pretty bad break on her left leg, the "Tib-Fib", as the medical types tell us. The compound fracture required surgery to get the bone set with a rod needing to be installed. Additionally, they discovered today that she broke her collar bone as well. She's in really good spirits considering. The doctors have told us that we can expect a full recovery, although it's going to take some time. She can't put any weight on the left leg and can bear no weight on the left arm. The boys and I are up visting today to see how she's doing. I wouldn't bring the boys yesterday since Holly comes out of anestegia so slowly, it really didn't make sense.

Everyone has been so helpful. Today the boys came home to grocery bags of food on the porch. I have already lined up some additional meals and so we're looking good.

Posting will be slow for awhile, at least until we settle into the new reality. I just don't need the extra pressure. I know that you all understand and I will keep you posted with quick updates as we move along the healing process.

Have a great day!


January 11, 2009

Photo of the day, Sunday

Sunday greetings! Holly made it back home this morning before church. Sounded like some memories were made. If she covers it at all, it's going to be in her blog. I'll keep you posted. I won't share the stories that she's likely to tell, but I will say that all the reports were positive about her leading the worship with singing and the guitar. She is good!
Those that guessed Laurence and Grace Ames, well done. It was their engagement photo. Holly pointed out that if you double clicked on the photo it would open a photo program and the name would be displayed.
Relaxing day here today. Calling for more snow and cold, hmm, must be Michigan in January.

I got a note today that Knight, Tom and Reen's 11 year old Siberian passed this weekend. He was a very cool dog. So sorry for your loss guys.
Have a great week!