September 29, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read all about it

Mike Young turns another year older today!

Yeah, I know, your wondering, how does he manage to look so young?  Cuz he's a Young, that's the simple answer, and tonight, that's good enough!

Here we have Matt and Jamie, a cute couple.  Nice to have a beautiful friend to rely on.
 Here's Mike and his crew, I only know half of the group, but that half, well, it's a great half, so the other guys must be cool too!

How could you not trust a Dad with a Spam hat and shirt?

Don't trust Spam?  Well, at least you know he's true in the Viking gear!

Mike, the miles are many, the times been too long, but from my glimpses you seem to have it all!

Have an awesome Birthday!
Uncle Pat