October 4, 2009

I hope you've had a joyous Sunday! I know that I did. It was kind of odd though because Holly joined the boys and I in the Fort for Sunday School today. She wanted to observe and so she did. The odd thing was, of the 5 "responsible" people in there today, the Young's accounted for 4 of them. Some would think that's a scary situation, others would know that we're trying to help. As for me, I'm thinking that we can increase our pay to Tootsie rolls rather than Dum Dum suckers.

We carried on with the cleaning theme for the weekend and below is what I was able to accomplish in the garage. It's hard to see in the photo, but it's pretty well organized and nearly ready for the Ford Focus to move back in for the winter. I still have a pile of stuff that needs to be dealt with, but I have a friend at work that's going to help me shuffle this off to the dump. Holly's got a car full of stuff that we'll send to Goodwill. We know that we're not done, but it's a great start at cutting down on our worldly possessions. Pray that we keep it up and bless others with our cast offs.

I took this shot of Spence this morning, before he got his glasses on. He's a great kid with an awesome sense of humor. Of course, you probably should understand sarcasm and irony.

We cut Ian some slack and let him play on the Xbox today. I am intrigued with how he sits. I'm not sure if I ever sat that way, but then again, it was a long time ago.
Have a great day!