December 20, 2008

Photo of the day, Saturday

Happy Saturday! We just got back from Larry, Terri and Jake's for our annual "Smithmas" with them and Holly's dad, Bob. It was one of the best trips on record, maybe they just keep getting better every year, I don't know, but this one was great. We had a chance to see the truck that Larry is working on and it looks really cool, trouble is, I forgot the camera at home, so I have no photos. It's still not quite done, so we have time for the big unveiling anyway.

Great time, thanks Larry and Terri, you were awesome hosts. And the dinner was great too! Jake was such a gracious host for his goofy cousins, it's truly impressive.

Since I forgot my camera it's a great time to start sharing the photos that you all have begun sending in. Remember, I would like to post a photo of you and yours, along with some detail (though I have no problem making up a story). We are a really small community, why not see who else is listening in to my ramblings? With that, our first entry.

Below is a shot from Nancy and Sandy's class reunion from this summer. Nancy, top left, is married to Jim Bell, and Sandy, bottom right, was married to Russ Bell. The Bell boys are cousins on my Grandma Ames (nee Bell) side. It is so cool that we have reconnected this year. So, it was their class reunion and I think that Nancy's name tag with her high school photo says it all. To me it says, here's what I looked like back then, don't you remember me? I remember you! Anyway, can you believe that they want me to believe that this was their 45th year class reunion for St. Ansgar. For those not in the know, follow the link, it's a pretty cool little town in Iowa that produced two awesome women.

Have a great day!

December 19, 2008

Photo of the day, Friday

Snow anyone!?! Schools were being canceled last night, before the storm even arrived. Spencer was nervous, would he get an extra day off or not? He's a fretter that boy. He's up at 5, in front of the TV, waiting for the news. I come down at 5:15, they like it if I determine if they have to go to school extra early. I log in, sure enough, Rockford's closed. I tell Spencer that he can go back to bed, nah, he says, I'll just go mess around, I'm already up now. That's my boy, and morning person.

We had about 40% of our people out, unable to get in to work. The best was one of the guys working in production called and said he couldn't get in, but how late would the office be open to pick up his paycheck. Always makes for a crazy day, trucks getting stuck, meetings delayed and generally just everyone trying to make the best of it. I worked through lunch and when I did finally get a few minutes I located the snack area, it's Christmas goodies everyday you know, and dined quite nicely on cocktail weenies, meatballs, tortilla chips, candy and cake and coke for good measure. Yes, I am nearly fully recovered from my bout with the stomach flu.

The boys are out to a place called Pando tonight with some of the boy scouts. They are on the tubing side, 3 hours for 12 bucks. Each boy gets a large tube and there's a tow lift that brings it back up the hill. Holly was saying that an area doctor that we know says that Pando really keeps the orthopedic surgeons busy. Nice. I'm sure all is fine, well, at least they have the cell phone if they need it.

Here's our mailbox, it was very accessible yesterday, today, we didn't get mail because the post office couldn't get near it. We have carved it out, so we should be good to go now.

Have a great day!

December 18, 2008

Photo of the day, Thursday

Days like today can really take it out of you or make you stronger. I chose to let it make me stronger, so no matter what the deal, I smiled and worked with someone to make it better. It seemed to work out ok.

Oh, yeah, by the way, I have recovered from my minor illness. Thanks for the prayers and kind thoughts, truly appreciated.

The answer to the "Where's Spence" is shown below. A few waded in with votes and unfortunately, fewer yet were correct. Thanks for playing!

As we are coming on my favorite holiday, Christ's Birthday, I was wondering if anyone would like to share a favorite family photo from 2008. Send it in with a note and I'll post it/email it around. It would be good for everyone to see each other, you know our own little band of fellows. It's funny, but as I type, you are all in my mind and I try to please you and make you laugh so that you can forget your cares. Anyway, here's me and my Peep's.

Have a great day!

December 17, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Still to sick to go to work, so I worked from home. Pretty amazing how much you can get done remotely.

As is my annual tradition, here is the Where's Waldo shot. We noticed in the program he listed his "stage name" as Spence Young. Anyway, he's in the shot, and the clue this year is that he's in a white shirt. Good luck!

Have a great day!


December 16, 2008

Photo of the day, Tuesday

The bug came back and bit me again. So, today I called in sick. It's been awhile since I did that. I still did some work with email and my cell phone, but at least I had my privacy when I wanted it. I took a nap after a satisfying lunch of Gatorade and saltines. Mmm good! When I woke up I was a bit disorientated and couldn't recall why I was sleeping in the afternoon. Then I sat up and it all came back to me.

Holly, Bob and the boys headed out to Rosie's Diner for dinner. Spencer wanted to show Bob the model that was featured here a few months ago. Spencer walks in and asked the waitress if she remembered him. She did and showed him where the display case would be going. I guess it's really on order, I was preparing to explain how adults aren't always good at following through on promises, but I shouldn't have worried about Rosie's.

While they were out the home phone went crazy and once again Ian is the focus of girls calling him. I taunted him in to calling the girl back while I was in the room, which he did. But after a few minutes he slipped out the door to his room to finish the call in private. I can't say I blame him.

Below is the top of an e-card that I got from Good Old Iowa State. Of course it came with a request for money, and since they knew that some of us would try to use it, it came in 3 sections, not a bad paste job on my part, if I do say so. Iowa State has been on my mind of late for a few reasons; Football lost another coach to a top tier team, Auburn; Volleyball made it to the NCAA elite eight; Wrestling team was ranked at #2 again this year. Go Cyclones!

Have a great day!

December 15, 2008

Photo of the day, Monday


I have just returned from the brink. This weekend, after an extreme number of hours at work, I developed a case of the stomach flu. Yee Ha! It's been an interesting weekend.

Bob, Holly's Dad is here for a few days. I sure hope he doesn't get my flu.

Here's one of Ian displaying how my system felt this weekend.
Have a great day!