March 20, 2010

Rock Climbing

One of the things that I like about Boy Scouts is going on the outings and being a kid again. Last weekend we went rock climbing and had a blast. Here are the photos that turned out pretty good.

In the front meeting with the owner and getting signed in.

The crew that went, there were 12 of us.

Before they cut us loose we were trained on how to tie ourselves into the harnesses and how to tie ourselves to the floor and how to belay so that the other guy was safe. As you can see, Kevin barely was able to belay Josh. In fact at one point I think that the were both off the ground.

The main room was pretty cool with lots of surfaces to climb up. Some tougher than others.

This was probably the easiest wall, with nice slant in.

One of our new scouts realizing that this isn't cub scouts anymore!

That's Ian to the far right belaying for one of the guys.

I think this was taken right after he'd been dropped.

This wall looks easy, but the wall is actually slanted so that you're inverted.

Here's anther new scout. He's in one of the boldering rooms. These rooms are shorter, so you don't need the harnessing. You just move a big pad under where you're climbing and if you slip, you land softly, sort of.

The boldering rooms had the climbing stones on the ceiling too.

Easy to climb up, easy to fall off! That blur is Shaun falling.

Ian really liked this room.

Just so you know, I even got into the act.

I only climbed where I was harnessed in. I was afraid to risk my knees trying the bouldering.

It was a really cool event.

Finally, for the patient reader, here's a bonus. This is a band that my niece listens to in Korea. It's pretty good. Kelsey's Music

Have an awesome day!