July 31, 2009

We're outta here!!!

Happy Friday! Happy Vacation! Good Bye Cold Michigan! Hello Warm Florida!

Pretty weird when you figure we're saying this and it's late July. Aren't we supposed to be well into heat? Where are the dog days of summer? I am so tired of being cold on my motorcycle.

Hey, speaking of motorcycles; check out this photo of my Honda and Victor's Honda. I thought that my 750 was in good shape, then I saw Victor's 550. Wow, it is super clean. He's a cool guy with a cool blog that can be located at Victor Sultana or http://www.victorsultana.com/ If nothing else, check out the juice video, very cool.

Anyway, we're off to Florida to visit with Bob and Sue Jean and, who knows who else. I'll take some photos so we have some evidence that we really did go and see some folks.

To those in Florida, give me a call, hit me with an email, whatever, I don't know our agenda day by day, but it is flexible and we can work in something I'm sure.

I'll try to post while down there, otherwise, have an awesome week, I know that we will!
Take Care,

July 29, 2009

Photo of the once in awhile

Pretty good day here today. I had a meeting with some one about 45 minutes away and was pretty well caught up on my business calls, so I called my brother for a nice chat. He got me all caught up on the news that worth knowing, Taylor's coming home for a leave, Kelsey is trying to get a teaching gig in Korea, Bryce is doing great with his job, Dave is considering the need of a passport and Judy is probably still wondering what's up with this family.

While Chatting I mentioned my blog and he said that I should consider changing the name to "Photo of the Once in awhile". Not really catchy, but I appreciate his point. Not that I intend to change my behavior, so I must need to rename the blog. I wonder if I can or if it will break everyone's link? Too Techy for me, I guess that decides it, it remains as is.
Anyway, here's what you get for harassing me. Maureen and Dave, looking good!

Also, here's a Birthday Shout Out to Jeff! Here he is with his lady, Jean. Great seeing you this summer, hope it's all well on the way back south.
Have a great day!

July 27, 2009

Monday Madness

Happy Monday! Seems like a funny wish to offer someone, but when you're slightly crazed, it's pretty appropriate. I used it with a few customers today.

Hey, I have a Birthday Shout Out to to Auntie Jean! Happy Birthday Jeannie! It was great to see you yesterday. I know that you're travelling so we're praying for safe travels.
Here's a shot of Jeff, Spencer and Jeanie. As long as I'm at it, Here's a Shout out to Jeff too. His birthday is the 30th.

Scouts tonight was pretty crazy. I am in charge of a big trip to Mackinac this September. It's called the Mackinac Rendezvous and they're anticipating 1400 scouts up there. To put that in to perspective, at summer camp there were less than 500 of us. Should be exciting! It's amazing how much paperwork is needed for a trip like this.

Have a great day!

July 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away

It's been a nice summer, not using a ton of electricity to cool the house, but we're a step from having to pull out the winter down comforter. Yesterday I cleaned up the bike, changed the oil, lubed the chain and then it sat. Too cold and rainy to ride. I've hardly ridden at all this summer. I went out this afternoon for a ride and got only 7 miles from home before I had to start dodging the rain drops. I wasn't going to get soaked today, so, I was home early. Maybe tomorrow...
The boys are still in recovery mode from their youth group week long camp. We keep waking them up during the afternoon, and then struggle to get them to go to bed at night. Teens, you have to love them. They were really affected by the trip, but getting the information out of them is like pulling teeth.

Here's lounging teen number 1

Here's lounging teen number 2

Here's Holly, working to fill the teenagers up with some popcorn

Have a great day!