July 10, 2009

Friday Mystery

Today at work I was striving to keep focused on a task but for some reason I opened my personal email and I got a notice that someone had posted a comment on my blog. Curious, I go and see what's up. It's from Toni and she's offering to send over a picture of the guys from last night's Picnic Pop's concert.

Odd, I don't know a Toni that works for the Grand Rapids Symphony (Hi Toni! I know you'll get this one too!)

Intrigued, I replied from my work account, (hoping to confuse the stalker) with my work email address and asked for the photo. While I was typing I asked how she discovered my post. It's not like I'm a syndicated blogger, or that I write pithy relevant posts, I mean, I'm a family guy writing a family blog.

She replied with this photo and the information on how she's using Google to stay tuned for certain key words on the web. For the event we had scouts from Troop 282 and from Troop 228. Don't worry, it was confusing for the announcers too. Our Scouts in the picture are Ian, Josh, Ryan, and Spencer. 7 scouts are in the photo, can anyone find my sons? By the way, we are in Troop 282.

Toni you're a great photographer, thanks again for going the extra distance for a dad that forgot his camera, and besides, we were sitting way further back than you. Hat's off to savvy tech people!

Have a great day!

July 9, 2009

Picnic at the Pops, Grand Rapids Style

Tonight we were at the Grand Rapids Pop's, a fun symphony. This was the 4th of July Tribute and so our troop was asked to provide boys to perform a flag ceremony, lead in the pledge of allegiance and stand at the ready while the "Star Spangled Banner" was sung by an opera type singer, backed up by the incomparable Grand Rapids Symphony. Our boys stepped to the front and it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I forgot the camera, so I have no pictures, sorry. But trust me, they looked great and it was the motivation to get their sashes, with their badges put on, up to date.

On an unrelated scout note I sent the attached image to someone. What does this creation do? Anyone?

Have a great day!

July 8, 2009

Wednesday wow

Pretty interesting day here, I had a consultant in all day and we talked about making our products more environmental and more green and more expensive, well, he didn't say that expensive part, but that, unfortunately, is the reality. The new materials are available, but they are more expensive. I guess you could say that "green" products cost you more green. Anyway, it was interesting to look at our stuff from an environmentalists view point.
I swapped photos with the guy I traveled to China with and found this, it's a shot of me while at the Chinese amusement park.
Have a great day!

July 5, 2009

Relaxing as best we can

Today was Sunday and we went to church and then the boys went off to a friends house.

Whoa, I almost forgot, I have a Birthday Shout Out today. It's for my 2ND cousin Brianna. Hey Brianna, I know we've never met, but you seem really cool to me. I hope that this birthday is all that you want and need it to be. Take care and email if you get a chance.

OK, back to our quiet Sunday, left to our own devices, we did what we wanted to. We tore up the front plantings and started to figure out what we wanted there next time. For now, we're going to go with weed blocker screen material and. In the fall, we'll plant some shrubs, till then, it's mulch easier to keep a clean look. I have discovered that I like the big lawn projects, I don't like maintaining the look once we have completed the project and it's down to weeding or whatever.

Fun fact: I became a small-time baseball fan over the summer. Kind of weird, I loved the game when I was a kid, but the strike in 1981 killed my love of the game. And then this summer my brother Dave was trying to get a rise out of me over the Tigers loss to the Twins early in the season and it fell flat. Then I discovered the games are carried on one of my favorite rock stations, OK, so now it's a classic rock station. I wondered, do only old guys listen to baseball on the radio? It didn't matter, I started listening when ever I was in the garage and now it's when ever I have yard work. The boom box now has a 50 foot cord and I drag it around to hear the game. That said, it was a tough day today, the Twins beat the Tigers. But I need to point out, the Tigers lead the Twins and the division by 2 games. Good luck going into the All Star Break.

Have a great day!