April 4, 2009

Spring clean up

Hello and Happy Saturday to one and all.

I have finally come out from under the huge amount of work that is a product launch for one of our key customers. While it's not done yet, it's way closer than we were last week and I am sure to be getting it done now!

The boys and I went and worked in the yard for a few hours this afternoon and as a reward, I allowed Ian to play some video games. Remember, he's been banned from video games since we saw his dismal grades last term. Here he is, trying to capture them all in a single session. Play Station is the Guitar Hero guitar, Xbox is the controller in his right hand and the WII is the white blob in his left hand. Over the top!

Have a great day!

March 29, 2009

A cold and dreary Sunday

I am making a break here, the post titles are now up for grabs. The Blog/Email, is still called Photo of the day. But since I am not daily anymore, I will try to title the post to the topic contained within.

It snowed today. Not fair! It's been warm, I've run a tank of gas through the Honda, it's really Spring. No, I'm sure of it. Patience is for others, not for me. Maybe next year.

I have a Birthday Shout Out for my Brother Jeff!
Dude, when did we decide to get older?
I am so sorry, but all I have is the shots from the big get togethers.
This shot is from the Holiday Inn in Austin.
I think this was taken at my dad's funeral.
Jeff, have an awesome day, you deserve it!