August 5, 2010

Home again, home again, lickety split!

The boys and I got home yesterday evening.  It was a long day of driving.  It started with rain as we were breaking camp, never a good way to end a camp out.  But it eventually got pretty decent, somewhere around Toledo.

The trip was awesome!  Here's how it started out the first day with the drive down and setting up.

Left the house at 6:30 AM, pick up a scout and his dad and went to meet up with the rest of the scouts.  On the road a bit after 7, a great start.  30 minutes out of town one of the vehicles pulls over with a sick kid.  We wait a bit and then get going.  Traveling with 5 cars and 20 people is a bit more challenging, especially when doing the bathroom/food/gas stops.  Hard to please everyone and cycling 20 guys through a small bathroom is time consuming.  All told, 12 hours to get to the resort, and I was really tired of fast food.

After we get checked in and camp set up, we wander around for a bit, after all it's Saturday Night.  At the common area that night there was a band playing.  It was 4 guys playing some local music, kind of a blue grass, West Virginia sound.  Nope, don't  remember their name.  Anyway, they played a stand up bass, guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin.  Nothing was plugged in, they had a single microphone that they would sing/play into.  As one instrument would take over, that guy would slide up to the mike, then he'd slide out and the singer would slide in.  Very entertaining.  We sat there for only a couple of songs on Saturday, and, since it was a scout event, we passed on having a beer too!

We got back to camp and encouraged the boys to get to bed early.  Some took to the idea, others, did not.  We were down to 4 boys and myself still up when it started to sprinkle, then it started to rain and soon enough it was pouring and the water was coming off the canopy over the picnic table in sheets.  That pretty much sent the rest of us to bed.

And so ended the first day, we were all excited for the next day when we'd get on the river, that's why it was so hard to sleep.

Have a great day!