September 24, 2009

Thursday Already

Wouldn't you know, right after I said Holly keeps me from blogging when she does computer repair, I get so busy I can't hardly see straight. Work is slamming busy, Boy Scout meeting on Monday, we're planning a trip for the weekend and I'm in charge for the first time, Tuesday is Men's BSF, and it runs late, Wednesday we have a dinner with the owners of our company and my peers for work, with spouses, always a bit uncomfortable, always great food, always a late night. Tonight we packed for the weekend Mackinaw. I know I won't get good rest on the camp out, it's supposed to be cold and wet. I'm thinking first cold of the season. Lovely!

The following I received from Cousin Herb concerning his nephew Keith, which, I think, makes him my second cousin, but don't hold me to that. Anyway, please lift up Keith and his beautiful family.
From Herb: "Let's give The Clark's all the support we can, daily update, current photos and our prayer, Keith is his father son am I for one am very proud to be his uncle."
And from Keith himself: We have safely arrived in Hefei. Sofia will be starting Kindergarten in the next couple of days and Janira and I will be starting Chinese language courses shortly, which will be a necessity as even rudimentary understanding of English is rare (partially why we came to this region, we definitely stand out when we leave the apartment). I also will start teaching classes this Monday, so everything will be rather hectic. We are all excited, though, and looking forward to our time here.
P.S. I attached a couple of photos; one of Sofia's un-Birthday in Texas, another of Sofia and I in our Kitchen here, and one of the three of us while camping in Utah.

I can see his Dad in the way he stands.
My nephew, Matt took a bride this past weekend. While we weren't able to make the trip we pray that God bless the marriage as richly as He has blessed ours. If anyone has photos that they'd like to share, send them along, I'll make up a story to go with them.
That's about it for now, I have to get Ian to finish packing so tomorrow afternoon goes as good as possible.
Have a great day/weekend!

September 20, 2009

Sunday Sunday

First up, I was off line because Holly has a friend that needed some computer attention. When that happens, I give up my connection and other stuff so that they only have to bring over the CPU. It's easier for them, but I tend to lose touch with the Internet. Here she is in her new workspace where we have it set up with enough stuff that my set up is left alone, well, at least for now. We'll see.

I have some big news, I have been upgraded to a Blackberry Curve for my work "phone". I put phone in quotes because, really, a Blackberry is no more a simple phone than a Lamborghini Testarossa is a simple car. My big fear is becoming addicted to the instant information that this provides. I have spent my first weekend with it and while I was obsessed, I think it was no more than my usual obsession with new gadgets. At least I hope so.

Finally, the best news of all is that Ian is becoming a driver. He's got the style, the look and the current cool clothes. The question is, does he have the knack for driving a clutch? Today was spent with Ian spending some time behind the wheel of my Ford Focus. He hates this car, but it's a pretty cool ride since only a small portion of drivers can handle a clutch. I think he sees the cool factor, just needs more time and less chuckling from the passenger side. I really am sorry Ian, I want you to do your best! Here he is with the card that shows he's ready to go. If only I was.

Have a great day!