March 27, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

Good grief! It's Friday already. How did that happen? No matter, it's all good!

Holly update; She's walking, driving, shopping, and generally back in charge. Whew, I really missed her steady hand on the family tiller/schedule.

I have a Birthday Shout Out to Dan. Dan is, I think, Holly's third cousin's husband, or some sort of relation such as that. Dan's a great guy that is so techno savvy he makes my head hurt. Dan, I did look for photo's but I didn't have any of my own. Maybe we should do dinner again some time and I could get a fresh set of photos.
It's a great looking family, BJ, Ginger, Dan and Taylor.

Have a great day!

March 26, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Work is crazy busy. I have never had a launch that was this big, busy, hard, complicated... you can enter your own adjective. I am trying to balance more stuff than a life should have to balance.

Interesting week though. I discovered that my definition of my "self" is worthless. I used to define myself as an engineer. After all, I did the work in college, I earned it, I am an Engineer. Hard to explain, but it's not so important. God showed me that my sense of priorities was a bit skewed. Thanks to God, my loyalties are more clearly stated now as:

  1. Child of God
  2. Husband of Holly
  3. Father of Ian and Spencer
  4. Neighbor of many
  5. Employee
Yeah, that makes much more sense. I just need to remember, I'm Fifth, not First.

Here's a shot of simplicity from last summer, just me and my gal, life was so good!

Have a great day!