September 12, 2010

Back from the brink

What a smashing weekend!

I was able to see the Iowa State at Iowa Football game, live and in person, actually at Kinnick stadium.  Not a big deal to most people, but I truly love college football, they have energy that pro sports can only dream about.  Here's how it played out for me this weekend...

I work with a guy that has become a great friend and he got us great seats at the game, and in to a great tailgate.  We met some good folks at the tailgate and we seemed to be pretty well received, it was weird, going on to their turf, it's been a long time since I was able to be objective about Iowa Football Fans.  Anyway, they had a great location, the tailgate was about 2 blocks from the stadium and the food was really good and really plentiful.  I'm going to skip over the game, it was painful and that's enough said.

The people that I met this weekend were truly wonderful, caring people that wanted their team to win, but were kind and respectful when we talked.  When they found out that we were from Michigan, they first wondered why we chose to come to this game, but that was easy to explain, and they also wanted to know our allegiance after "The Game", well, that was easy, I really have no allegiance in the Big Ten, so pulling for Iowa this year seems easy.

Here's what the stadium looked like from the North end.  I know what you're thinking, "The corner seats are the worst! "  I am here to tell you that you are wrong, there are no bad seats at the game, because, You're at the game!

College football is so much fun because it's so open, just like as I remember thinking about my own future, "All things are possible and we're going to win!" 

After the game we went back and gathered our respective kids and went out.  While we walked around Sammy tried to educate us, well you can see the result.   The gang was going to be fun, but that was on their terms.  They were hungry, can't you tell?!

It was a great trip!  Thanks Sammy and Ellen for everything!  Best to your kiddos too!

Have a great day!