August 24, 2009

Scouts on Monday

I really kind of like Mondays, going and hanging out with the boy scouts and the other parents. We worked on merit badges and the boys had some fun too, a great climbing tree was rediscovered. Oh, yeah, work was ok too.

For a break from the Florida picture we had one of the scout Dad's was in and he passed out his pictures from summer camp. I had a memory stick and so here's a few shots I'd been waiting for, namely Spencer's fish that he had caught and cleaned. Not huge, but it met the requirement.

OK, from what I understand, this shot is deceiving, it's small than it appears.
How to fillet in one easy step.

OK, now let's cook it and eat it and that's a merit badge.

I joined the boys for dinner

Have a great day!

August 23, 2009

Where are the dog days of summer?

After church today we went to a pool party for the kids in Sunday School. I was tempted to wear a jacket. But that didn't deter the kids. I talked with one hardy soul, Ryan, and he was positively vibrating as we chatted. I finally asked him to please go get warmed up, I couldn't take it watching his lips turn blue. Some of the parents got into it as well, dazzling the kids with massive cannon balls. In fact 5 of them teamed up and they did a massive, all at once, 5 person cannonball. I was sure that the little kids in the shallow end were going to get ejected from the pool with the sheer force of the tidal wave that was created. But no, all that happened was that the innocent bystanders got pretty wet.
As you can see, we're starting to wear down.

Spencer and I in a self portrait

Outside of a British style phone booth, we're trying to look like Dr. Who, the BBC cult classic.

Here we all are

Have a great day!