June 6, 2009

Home again!

Sorry for the delay on posts. While in China I was being blocked from this site, pretty weird, but they also did a "technology update week", where the pulled most of the comment/blog sites down to avoid people from talking about Tienanmen Square.

What can I say, it was a very long time to be away from home for me. At the end of the trip I had been gone just over 15 days.

The work at the factory ended up well. The reason that we extended was that we weren't getting the equipment to work and needed time to get additional parts sent over from the US. It was great working with the team there, their English skills went from none to fairly fluent. On the production floor I stuck with demonstrating what I wanted and giving thumbs up when they did as requested. I learned how to crack them up without speaking. Here's the office team and the factory team that we have. Still small, but we're just getting started, within the next month the factory should be at about 15.

While coming back from our weekend we stopped in Zhuhai. Pretty cool city. While there we shopped for some candy for me to share with my Sunday school class and visited the lady with the lifted arms, in the area she's a famous landmark. Pretty cool stuff. Shopping for the candy took us into a grocery store on the ground floor of a large building. They had many things that we have, packaged a bit differently. Their candy is a bit different, they don't have ready access to cocoa beans and so it's not chocolate based. I still haven't opened the stuff, but once I do I'll let you know what the boys think.

We visited the lady and here's a couple shots from that visit. First is Mike, me and the Plant Manager, Jimmy and then a shot of a pretty cool older guy playing a string instrument.

That's it for now, have a great day!