November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

I have been remiss not mentioning everyone's birthdays or other momentous events of late and for that I am truly sorry. 

I am going to catch up quick.  From my records, I've missed the following:

 My Nephew Nick. Here's hoping it was a great day!

Cil, one of my lovely wife's best friends.  Here's looking at you kiddo!  Oh yeah, the actual kiddo is her daughter, Aanika.

Ian, my oldest.  He cleans up nice doesn't he!

 Tom and Maureen celebrated their 26th Anniversary, whew, that's a long time!

My dear Sister in Law, Allison, recently celebrated a birthday.  I've always liked this photo, very arty!

My one and only Niece, Kelsey.  Currently residing in the far east teaching.  What a cool deal.

The one, the only, Xanman had a birthday and this is a cool cat that knows how to dress for success!

I hope everyone enjoyed their special day and if you'd not known about it, take advantage and drop them a line.

And last, but not least, my girl Holly is celebrating her birthday today. I took this just before the annual motorcycle rally, good angle I think.

And there you haveit, we're all caught up, well, by my shaky records, anyway.  If you want a shout out, please feel free to send me a photo and a caption and I'll get to as soon as I can.  Shoot, some days I have even been known to hit the correct date!

Have an awesome day!

November 12, 2010

Escanaba In Love

Some friends invited us out to go to a play tonight.  It's a Jeff Daniels play entitled: "Escanaba In Love".  It was a really good play.  In fact, I told everyone after the last curtain call, "I laughed, I cried, It moved me!"

The play is set in the U.P. in 1944 at deer camp.  The audience was encouraged to dress in Deer Camp attire.  So we did.  I was pretty jazzed at how smooth I looked and encouraged Holly to take a photo of me.  Lucky you, you get to see my look.

Our friends, Tom and Diane, asked if we'd take a photo of them and we agreed.  Here they are, ready to join the cast at "Deer Camp".

As you can see, Camo, Blaze Orange and Flannel were the safe clothing choices at this event.

Since we took one of them, Tom offered to take one of us.  It was Tom's first time using my Blackberry as a camera.  Needless to say, it's not obvious in a dark place how to operate.  We could tell that Tom had the camera phone backwards, but we were too mean to tell him.  Instead, we sat and grinned as he took a picture of himself. 
As you can tell, my little camera phone has flash.  Tom was blinded by the light.

He was pretty upset, but we convinced him to take our picture anyway and here we are, looking good and barely sitting still as we laughed, hopefully, with Tom.

Have an awesome day.
P.S. - Someone in our house is having a birthday tomorrow and as a clue, it's not one of us boys.