June 26, 2010

Saturday isn't very restful!

You know, when I was younger, it seemed like Saturday's were a way of catching up on a few chores and resting a bit.  Not so much anymore.

Let's see, it started with Bean wanting to get up way before the rest of us, so I crawled downstairs and took her out and fed her and kept her active for a few hours til everyone else got up.

We did some work on the boys prerequisites for some merit badge work.  They go to summer camp on July 4th and each boy is working on 5 merit badges.  With some dedication and hard work, I think that they both have a chance of returning from summer camp as Life Scouts, just one step short of Eagle.  I am really proud of them.

Speaking of Eagle Scouts, to get there you need to do an "Eagle Project".  It's complicated but the intention is for the Eagle candidate to develop a project for a local non-profit, get donations to finance it, round up volunteers and then get it done.  The volunteers are usually the scouts and parents in the boys troop.  Today we had a chance to help Josh finish up his project.  Pretty cool.  Coolest of all, it was for the Equest Center, where Spencer used to be a student in the therapeutic riding program.  We worked most of the afternoon finishing up a place for the students to sit and rest while taking a break from riding.  It's in one of the pastures.

After that we came home, did some more work on prerequisites.  No kidding, as I am helping Ian, I almost fell asleep, it's pretty exciting stuff.

Dinner was grilled pork tenderloins and grilled fresh pineapple with a side of rice.  Thanks to Holly for doing most of the prep. 

Poor Holly is in a many day in a row run and we're throwing in singing on Sunday too!  She'll be exhausted most of the first half of next week.

I'm not sure why, but Bean seems to be pretty tired out too.  She stayed home.  But it was pretty hot.  She's a pretty interesting dog, very trainable.  She's starting to ring a bell when she wants to go outside, much better than trying to figure out which look is which.  Thanks Tom and Reen for that bit of wisdom.

To finish the day out I washed and waxed the Honda.  It's the first time since I got the bike that I washed it and it was due, I have gotten caught in the rain several times and that's always a mess.   I really like the new ride and feel blessed to have it, but I realized today that I have a lot more chrome than I used to have.  The picture is the way that I like to ride it, stripped down to just the drivers seat and a chrome plate so that my briefcase can't muck up the finish on the fender.

Have a great day, I just did!

June 25, 2010

Finally Friday!

Busy week, but it ended really well.  I had a meeting with a customer that rides a motorcycle and so I rode down and we headed out from there to a little Greek sandwich shop where I got a black and white, which is half gyro and half chicken rolled into a whole wheat pita.  Very good.  Best of all, I went to a business meeting on the bike and I think it's really cool to get paid while I am riding.

Tonight we had a fire out back and that was fun.  Holly found these marshmallows that were 4X normal size.  We decided that though they were really cool looking, they don't cook that great.  But we had to try them.  The new firepit worked really well.

Here's three members of the team that went to Haiti; Amy, Morgan and Kerry.  We were bombing through Port Au Prince.  I think we were near the airport, but I'm not sure.

Have a great day

June 22, 2010

Topical Tuesday

I kind of like the idea of making up titles for these.  It's fun but not usually too relevant to the actual content.  Probably because I title them and then start typing.  Kind of like setting out to write a book and the first thing you write is the title.

I got some feedback on the photo of Grandpa Young, the one where they were by the S. L. Young and Sons Truck.  John Sipley wouldn't admit to being the baby, but did recognize his dad.  Since he's the oldest of our generation, I don't see how it could be anyone else.  Oh well.

Here's a shot of Spencer while riding the ferry over to North Manatou Island.  I think the little nipper looks rather stoic!  Hard to see, but he's soaking wet.

Here's Ian hiking next to Josh.  Not sure which scout is double over, but they all survived so it's all good. 

On the second day the boys found; "an awesome climbing tree" and they scurried up.  In this tree we have, Owen, Kevin, Josh, Ian, Jon and Shaun.  When the parent with the great camera came up to take the picture they thought that they were busted and were surprised when he took a few shots and walked away.  Boys will be boys.

Have a great day!

June 21, 2010

Happy Monday?

What's up?  Work was especially work like today.  I had a customer visit this afternoon and took the company vehicle, an awesome Ford Taurus Station wagon.  As Ian would say, Noice!  Except the air conditioner isn't working, the brakes are shot and it pulls to the left, but it's better than using my car.

As I mentioned the other day, Tom and Reen stopped by on their way up north.  I heard on the radio how people in and around Chicago look at Michigan, and I quote; "Chicago's favorite state park is filling up again on most weekends, so you may want to consider our second favorite state park for your next outdoor adventure, Michigan.  Anyway, here's a shot of them on their visit.  Looking good guys!

Speaking of Chicago, while I was there I was having dinner at an upscale place and the wine steward came by and we were kidding around and he mentioned that he'd seen how to open a bottle of wine with out a corkscrew.  I went to Youtube and found many clips, here's one that was the most tasteful.  Open a bottle of wine with your shoe.  

Have a great day!


June 20, 2010

Happy Father's day!

Today's actually Father's Day.  I hope every one of the Dad's that I know had a great day.  I sure did. 

The boys made is home safe and sound, but it's seems that there's a story that I can't get out of them so I'll have to talk with the scoutmaster next week.

I got my gift from the family, it's a new work station for the living room.  I am living the dream and loving it!

Tomorrow is Judy Gust's Birthday.  She is my brother David's lady friend and by my way of looking at it, she's an awesome lady.  My stock photos for her are pretty limited, but it's a Birthday Shout Out, not a photography contest so here we go...

Senior Class picture

Not sure where but if you'd like to submit a story that would be great, I'll share the best submission.  As the sole judge, I'll be basing this on creativity only, but if you want to bribe me, I'm open to that too!

Having fun

I can hear her saying; "How long do they think they're staying?"

Chris, Dave and Judy, it's a summer shot in Minnesota, that much I'm sure of.

I know this isn't Judy, but Angel needed to get in here too! 

Judy and her son Rob

Holly and Judy at our little Christmas gathering after Tom's 50th.  (don't ya like how I threw that in there Tom!)
This seems like an odd shot, but it's really one that strikes at Judy's core.  She's happiest sitting around with family and friends and chatting.

We'll that's all I could find, it's amazing what you can find on the Internet isn't it?  Anyway, Happy Birthday Judy!  I hope that you have an awesome year!  Thanks for being there for me when I needed it.

Have a great week everyone!