December 5, 2010

Hello, Hello, it's me again!

I am so bummed that I failed to get a blog out for my brother's birthday.  John, while it's totally my own fault please forgive me.  I'd like to say I have a good reason, but I don't.

I've probably bashed him enough, so this year we'll go easy.

Here's a few shots from Thanksgiving. 

 Here's John with his nephew Spencer.  I took this just before he headed out for a smoke.  As someone that has quit smoking just a few years ago I have to comment.  It's really tough going out to smoke when it's 10 degrees.  I stopped out and visited a few times.  Pretty hilarious, hand shaking so bad he couldn't hardly get the job done.  It was so cold that his eyes were tearing up. 

The traditional Thanksgiving photo.  Tom, Ian, Holly, Maureen, Spencer and Jack.  We had a smoked turkey this year and it was the best!

Lot's of good food here, Scalloped corn, green bean casserole, taters, gravy, stuffing (why do we still call it that since it's never put in the bird?) sweet potato and apple casserole, thankful rolls and lots of pie!  Thanks to Tom and Reen for putting us up and putting up with us!

Happy Belated Birthday dear brother John/Jack.
It was awesome to have you come out and celebrate Thanksgiving with us and share in some of our traditions.

Thanks also to you for your years of service in the military. 

Briefly, Holly was in a hilarious skit at church today, if you'd like it can be viewed by following this link;  or go to YouTube and searching for the "12 pains of Christmas"

That's it for today. 

Have a great day!