June 27, 2009

Off to Camp!

We're going off the grid for a week at Boy Scout Camp. But first, a Birthday Shout Out to my cousin John.

We reconnected last summer at Mom's funeral and have been occasional e-mailers since then. It's been cool learning how he's been doing, we'd been out of touch for probably close to 35 years. Here's to you John, hope your Birthday is picture perfect!

Back to our camping saga, we're pretty well packed up. I have had to convince the boys that a shower involves soap and shampoo, not just getting rinsed off and thus packing those items is required. Not sure how that's going to go, like will they really use them? But at least I tried and Holly heard me.

The camp dining hall was destroyed over the winter, it collapsed under a tremendous amount of snow, and so we're not sure what to expect for meals. We've heard that they contracted with another camp for meals and that they have put up a large tent. It will be interesting, probably not as interesting as Chinese food, but interesting in a camp/institutional food sense.

Ian's taking his camera and I'll have mine, so we should have some awesome shots when we get back. It is a beautiful campground and you're pretty much out and about from sun up to sun down, so lots of chances.

They're calling for rain, but that's OK, it's better than going to work. I really need the break.

Have a great day and a great week and Happy 4th of July!

June 25, 2009

Death is tough

Wow, we have lost some icons lately.
Ed McMahon
Farrah Fawcett
Michael Jackson

Wow. Tough for the fans and incredible for us less tactful followers.

I had a good day at work.

I can't write, I'm too confused about what to say.

Have a great day!

June 23, 2009

Camp Preperation

Work was a happening thing and so I did what I needed to do, I happened. What does that mean? It means:
I created a new concept with a designer/draftsman and we'll see the real parts real soon
I worked with customer service/relations and helped move us to a better place
I met with a small customer that remembers when I was still new to the industry
I met with a large customer that remembers all about my first days
"I" decided "I" use "I" too much for someone as silly as "I" seem to be

Here's the family, as we look tonight:

Ian is chillin' like a villain, on the couch, TV on, book in hand and in cozy clothes. Ahh, to be a carefree teen! Props to the myth busters!!!(Ian)

Spencer peering over the rail like a forlorn quail. As a newly minted teen, he's casting about for the best slouch.

Me an my bestest gal Hol!
Have an awesome day!

June 22, 2009

Good day today, went to a meeting at a customer and moved that project forward.

At scouts tonight we did the prep work for our annual summer camp at Gerber. I am so looking forward to dropping off the grid for a week. I hate coming back to the email backlog at work, but I will have some time to relax and wander the camp. Maybe I'll make a belt this year, or try the rappelling or climbing or the copes course. No matter, relaxation is the order of the week. Holly checked the weather and it's supposed to be pretty good for the week. I'll let you know.

Sandy Bell gets the award this week for finding out a new thing about our family. What kind of award? Well that's a tough question, but it's bound to be something others will want so that they contribute too. Anyway, here's the story; it seems that Grandpa Ames was a pretty good photographer. I have included the article that she sent along as well as a few photos that he's undoubtedly responsible for.

Here, as a bonus, is Grandma Ames with her favorite grandson, and my brothers too!

Have a great day!

June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Dad's out there I wish a very happy Father's Day! And I am going to honor a few that have really impacted me, but first a Birthday Shout out to Judy. Happy Birthday Judy. I am really photo challenged here, but this I think captures her joyful heart. Hats off to ya Judy! Thanks for taking us all in to your heart!

Dad, Jack, Dave, Me and Maureen

Grandpa Ames, did lots to help raise me, really a cool guy.

Me and my Step Father Owen, he taught me to take things apart and sometimes we actually get them back together again!
My Father in Law, Bob and my two boys, really helped me figure my Dad style.

Of course, many more Dad types have impacted me, but these are the top 4.
Have a great day, I know that I did!