July 23, 2010

Rushing to the weekend!

Ta Da!  I made it to the weekend!  Now about tomorrow, boys home, off to Crystal Lake, Illinois for a certain birthday soiree, back the same day.  Any bets on if I go alone or with the boys?  Holly's got to work, the boys are probably beat and not wanting another ride. I say I go alone.  Cool with that!

Work has been a scream this week.  I love my job, it's never dull and usually something happens to make me laugh out loud.  So long to Melissa, her last day was today, she was one of the Customer Relations People that work in my department.  Anyone know of anyone looking for a job in Customer Relations/Service?  Bilingual (Spanish) is a requirement for this one.  I did offer the job to someone, but they declined, hmm, now what?

Here's a shot from my seat at Target Field. 

I took a supplier to the game and we watched the Twins lose to the White Sox.  :-(

Great stadium, very cool graphics, no really bad seats, though these were so high that if you have acrophobia you can't sit there. 

We used the train to get there from out by Mall of America.  Good system, not quite as whimsical as DPW in Detroit.

An accident occurred the other day on US131.  Seems some cows got loose.  I snagged this photo from our local news people, if you're interested, here's the link.

Me, I just like this shot.  When I went to get the link to the article I noticed that they removed this photo and have another, equally amusing, in it's place.

Have a great day!

July 21, 2010

Hamster Wheel

Just some random thoughts associated with running like crazy this summer.

Texas was really hot, 98 degrees.  What's a heat index?  They say it felt like 113 degrees.  I think that the folks from the hot areas were just jealous of our wind chill factor.

Minnesota trip was interestingly awesome. 

Hotel goofed us up by giving away our room for the first night.  They paid to have us stay elsewhere, but it was a lesser hotel.  Then they paid for our stay the next night at the correct hotel and they bought us dinner.  They even wrote a nice card apologizing. 

Went to a game at the new Twins stadium, Target Field, very nice.  Seats were so high though, that Holly couldn't sit with us due to her fear of heights.  Twins lost though.

Had dinner at Georges Pizza in Austin on Friday.  About 19 of the extended family came together, sorry Reen and Chris, you really were missed.  Nice leisurely dinner, about 3-1/2 hours, 8 large pizzas, 3 gondola sandwiches and numerous pitchers of beer and pop.  We brought cards and played cribbage.  The boys and I were invited down to Kevin's office to write on the wall, where lots of former workers had signed. 

Had coffee with the Austin Young's and the Peters' in the AM.  The old place is looking good, they're painting and updating, making great progress.

Lunch at the Dodge County Fair with John the next day proved interesting.  The boys had missed breakfast since we let them sleep in.  We got to the fair and started grazing around, bratwurst, cheese curds, smooties, cokes, gyros, meat on a stick, chili cheese fries, mini donuts.  The boys topped that off with a 32 ounce drink, Spencer had cream soda and Ian had root beer.  They slammed the sodas and we lost them for awhile, they sat with thier heads down.  The adults headed to the beer garden.

That night was my 35th class reunion.  Very cool, but I think a separate post.

We had breakfast the next day at the Pannekoeken in Rochester with Dave and Judy.  Good food.  While there we heard about their previous night, while we were at the reunion they went to a movie and had a late dinner.  Sounded like a good movie, it's called; "Despicable Me".

Then we started the drive home.  Traffic was heavy the whole way with the section between Madison and the Illinois border being pretty much stop and go.  Got home really late.

Up at 2:30 to get the boys to church by 3:30 for them to go on the bus to Never The Same, a really cool church camp that's way more than that.

Tuesday I went to Texas and I'm back home again tonight.

Now do you understand the Hamster Wheel reference?

Have a great day!