November 29, 2010

Radio Man, as in I transmit!

I know, I'm still behind on reporting about my trip to Germany.  Sorry.  Eventually life will slow down enough to allow me to catch up on the blogging...or not.

Anyway, this blog isn't about me and my mildly amusing foibles.  Well, not completely anyway.

Leading off we have guest reporter, Kathy.  While I don't recall ever meeting Kathy, I'm sure we must have been in the same place at the same time.  How else do you explain the sign off that she uses is the same as mine?  You know, "Have a great day!"  Very unique!  Here is what she reports:

Here are some pictures of Jim and Nancy's travels.  They went to Cedar Rapids to watch two of their grandchildren play in the State Volleyball Tournament a couple weeks ago.

They are Dean's girls:  Amanda & McKayla

Notice the picture of the girls holding up posters.  Jim is in the background in the center of things AGAIN!  Couldn't resist that.

Sent to you from Kathy, Nancy's sister. 

Have a great day!!

Pat here again.
How cool is that! Man, I remember when Dave made it to Regional's, we thought that was pretty sweet, I can't imagine States!  Way to go Amanda and McKayla!

Switching subjects...

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  I am tempted to start a sermon, but won't because I tend to forget to be thankful myself.

We followed our usual tradition of going to the "Starmack Inn" to celebrate the holiday.  Although we say usual, it is unique and special every year.  Thanks guys! 

My nephew Bryce and his lovely bride, Kelly are expecting a baby very soon.  My prayer is that it would be an easy birth.  Looking forward to adding that baby to my list of loved ones.

Nephew Mike and his lovely bride, Jamie are doing well in Delaware.  Their daughter, Lexi, is a drop dead georgous girl that has just placed 2nd for Cutest Baby in Delaware! Check it out and you're sure to agree with me, she was robbed!  She really was the cutest!

Nephew Matt and his lovely bride reside in sunny Florida.  They're not telling me much, but I get a sense that they are unwittingly happy.  That unto itself is pretty cool.  
I'll stop for now, when I resume I'll try to start where I left off.

Have a great day!