September 5, 2009

Saturday Progress on Landscaping

I have a friend and co-worker who's son is really sick. Luke's a cool kid, but he's suffering from pneomia and is currently residing at the pediatric ICU here. Please lift up a prayer for him and his family.

We worked like dogs all day, moving dirt, creating a new fire pit area and finishing up with hot dogs cooked over the open fire. Holly took after the gardens, not so much moving dirt, but reclaiming our yard a corner at a time. With luck, were creating a place that's easier to maintain, but still pretty cool to look at.

This Photo Series is from our day on a boat in the Silver Springs area.

It was a great day, if a bit hot.

Ian has an ability to look really great and dead pan.
See the turtles on the log?

See the aligator, classic pose, with the snout and tail up.
Spencer with his catch of the day, we let it go.

Here's Ian's catch, we let it go too.

Bob's catch was tempting to keep and fillet, but since the boys had released theirs, it only made sense to throw it back.

Schooling fish, pretty cool how deep we could see.

Have a great day!

September 4, 2009

Long time no writing

Sorry for the silence. I have lots reasons that I could give, but let's just leave it that I lost my voice for a few weeks.

This weekend is going to be a landscaping event. Holly and I enjoy tackling a big project together and working so that come Tuesday, our little space is a bit better than it was on Thursday. We have dirt to move, gutters to clean, the shed has been ignored for far too long and our fire pit area needs some serious attention. The boys are less than interested, but that's ok, work is good for them.

Texting has over taken the eldest and with that desire so comes the need to pay for unlimited texting. Previously we had it just plain turned off. They pleaded and we answered yes, as long as you pay your share. A bit of their allowance is now headed to Verizon on a monthly basis. Don't worry, the plan is unlimited texting.

Once both boys have their own cell phones the home phone is going the way of buggy whips, out of date and not needed. If you think that you may need our number, please ask for the new contact information.

Now, back to that awesome Florida Vacation.
At Epcot Bob and I found some really cool antennae, they're hard to see, but they're purple mouse ears.

Cool rainbow we saw on our way out of Epcot.

Me and my gal. I really got sun burned on this day. Wonder why, no sun block, just my hat.
He really is a pretty cool guy.
I took this when Spencer was a little too deep.
Mom's living the dream here.

Something tells me I have pulled the camera out too often.
Spencer just chilling in Grandpa's hat after a good swim.

Have a great day!