December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope that you all had a great day today! We sure did. We got up when we wanted too, well, everyone but Ian, then we had an egg bake breakfast thing that was pretty awesome, we followed that up with some general play time and just hanging out. I did some pretty awesome cooking, but I'm not going to bore anyone with the details, but I did good with breakfast, soup and a slow cooker beef roast, Ala Mediterranean! It was a really tasty dinner, but more intended for an older palette, not for a kid.

I need to share this, it's so Young. I heard Ian the other day talking with one of his friends on the Xbox, remember, if you have one of those game systems and pay for the best, you can talk to all your friends while playing a game. While playing, Ian mentions that we're going to Aunt Maureen's house for New Years and Uncle Tom's 50th. Sitting in the other room I could hear him, but not see him. At one point he said, "No, not an Ant, that has 6 legs and crawls on the ground, I said Aunt, it's pronounced Aunt." Holly and I both heard him and we knew, he was definitely my son, I can still hear when one of my Aunts corrected my pronunciation, it was great!

Here are a few shots from Christmas Day:
It was really icy outside, we were all glad we didn't need to drive.

My Sweetie loves Peanut Brittle.

Ian got the coolest thing a teenage boy could get, an iPod Touch. He was thrilled!

Here's the gang, posing as best they can while trying to keep track of who gets to open the next present!

Spencer was always a bit of a cheese head and when Brett joined the Vikings, well, he felt there was no reason to hold back. Here he is with his new favorite shirt/number.

One of the gifts that Holly chose was these wonderful Nerf guns. They are awesome, we haven't broken anything yet, but that's a big yet.

Our movie tonight was "Die Hard", with John Willis. It's rated beyond G, but we felt that the boys could handle it. It's a great movie, but the dart wars that were waged, with those new Nerf guns, were awesome! Ian let the movie impact him quite a bit, as you can see by the marker, Yippee Kai Yay! MF Ian was so impacted that he felt inclined to write his nick names on the equipment.

Here's Ian with his best Bruce pose.

Not to be outdone, Spencer began to stalk me. here I finally grabbed him.

One thing about these self portraits that I realise that I can't control, is how we end up looking together. What really gets me, is that he's still cuter than me...even as he's being weird.

I hope that God feeds you with whatever you need to experience.
ave an awesome day!