September 10, 2010

Go Cyclones!

This Saturday is the Iowa State vs Iowa football game.  Holly and I are heading that way to hopefully attend the game.  The boys are tagging along to play video games in Iowa.  The Cyclones are not favored going into this, but then again, we usually aren't.  We're connecting with a friend that started out as a business acquaintance and has become a good friend.  Anyway, we're off to the game, and hopefully we'll find some reasonable tickets outside the stadium.  You see, I forgot to get with the Alumni Association and am stuck with looking for "On site alternatives".  We'll see.

I am not a crazy fan, but I do like the Cyclones.  That said, we'll you have to like their look to wear the gear.  The top is the logo that they've had for several years.  I think it combines the Cardnal and the Cyclone very well.  The one on the bottom is the new one, pretty much leaving Cy out of the logo. I like the simplicity of the new one, but feel sorry for Cy, losing his job.  (Can you say; "pursing other interests."?

Today we also have a Birthday Shout Out for my sister Molly.  She's a pretty cool chick, that's the youngest but wise beyond her years.  I don't have a lot of photos of Molly but let's see what I can come up with.  With Molly, while I have limited photos, I really wanted to make sure that everyone could see what I see, a beautiful wife, mother, sister and friend. 

Molly and Rick, the early years, outside good old 1400.

In this we have Rick, Reed and Molly, I'm pretty sure Christmas in Kasson.

This is my most recent shot of Molly and by far my favorite.  She came to Illinois to honor her sisters milestone birthday.

Molly, you are awesome, I hope that you have a most amazing year!

Have a good day,

September 7, 2010

First day of School

And all around the neighborhood you could hear the the Mom's expressing themselves on this most momentous of days, some tears were shed by the Mom's sending off the Kindergartners, mostly though was the cheer of glee at each bus stop. 

Here's how the boys looked this morning:
Ian 1st day of 11th Grade

Ian was thinking about imposing his; "No Paparazzi" mandate.  I looked at him and said, "Dude, it's like this, I have 11 of these photos from K through 10.  All from this front porch.  Are you sure that you really want to mess with your Mom on this?"  He saw where that would go and ta da!  Here he is.

Spencer 1st day of 8th Grade

 Spencer was an easier sell, but wanted to impose his own poses.  While I did take other shots, this is the stock, Michigan Young 1st Day of School Pose. 

At the bus stop
A friend at the end of the street took this one as they waited for the bus.  To me it looks like a study in perspective. 

At dinner we were regaled with the antics of these two's first day.  Sounds like they have some good teachers and we're once again blessed to be in this school system.

Have a great day!