November 23, 2009

November what!?!

Wow, the time does go fast. Catch Up Time!
My niece Kelsey. She's in Korea teaching English and learning Korean. She's awesome! Nuff said!
My nephew Taylor is getting ready to get discharged from the military and he's thinking of staying in Germany. I assume he's learning German, but one never knows. Thanks for your loyal service to the USA!
My nephew Bryce is settling into a great job that I hope he loves, because if you love what you do for a living, life is so much easier. I miss you man!
Mike and Matt, we'll, we just got a Thanksgiving card from Mike showing a cute little girl named Lexi, who is my great niece. Matt, last I heard through an an update from Facebook you were cooking some bacon. Hopefully, it didn't burn.
Ian lost his phone last Friday. I was freaked out, he was pretty calm. I told Ian that if he was that calm, he could buy his own replacement phone. I gained serenity, Ian started to freak out. It was found and turned in and he was able to pick it up today. All is right with the world of teen texting.
Tonight we went to the Boy Scouts Court of Honor and Spencer was advanced to Star Scout and both boys earned a couple of merit badges. Well done. I like sitting through those ceremonies, it makes me remember that the boys are doing OK and that's an important perspective to have every once in a while. Especially when raising teens!
It's finals week for Ian and so he's trying his best. Tom and Reen, when we come to visit, were OK with the boy being a vegetable this time, well, for some of the time anyway. Here he is in his final project for sewing, it's the hooded sweatshirt that he's wearing. Yes, I know, I wish I had taken sewing too! Rats, I still use a staple when a needle and thread would probably work. Anyway, hats off to Ian for his good work.
Finally, if you would like to learn more about any of the stories, just email me and I'll put something together.
Until next time, remember, it's never as bad as the camera says.
Peace out!