March 29, 2009

A cold and dreary Sunday

I am making a break here, the post titles are now up for grabs. The Blog/Email, is still called Photo of the day. But since I am not daily anymore, I will try to title the post to the topic contained within.

It snowed today. Not fair! It's been warm, I've run a tank of gas through the Honda, it's really Spring. No, I'm sure of it. Patience is for others, not for me. Maybe next year.

I have a Birthday Shout Out for my Brother Jeff!
Dude, when did we decide to get older?
I am so sorry, but all I have is the shots from the big get togethers.
This shot is from the Holiday Inn in Austin.
I think this was taken at my dad's funeral.
Jeff, have an awesome day, you deserve it!

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