April 6, 2009

NCAA Final 4, GO Michigan State!

Brr. It's April, the end of March Madness and we're supposed to get snow. Actually, the "major" winter storm just went north of us. I so want to go for a nice motorcycle ride. Oh, sure, I've put over a hundred miles on so far, but with the cool temps, it's not as much fun as I had hoped.
I'd predict the winner of the Michigan State vs. North Carolina final game, but I haven't watched both teams enough. The local favorite is MSU and so that's good enough in our house. One thing that I am sure of; Detroit will not let us down. Someone has already mugged the mayor of Cleveland and stolen his cell phone. Go Detroit!
Holly and the boys went out today and went to the Library. Wow, you can see below that Ian's really bored, he checked out the new Tom Clancy book and is quickly devouring it. No screens, but the internal ones activated by imagination and a good book, still available.
Here's Spencer, not such a heavy reader this Spring Break. He's checked out 3 different "Sherman's Lagoon" comic collections. I'm more in line with that!
Have a great day!

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