January 21, 2010

Happy Mid January!

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past month.

Nephew Nick

Holly and Judy

Xander on the sledding hill

No can pull off the Eskimo hat like Tom

Dave just looks cold

Dave and Tom, yes, we all went down the hill

Xander being launched by Chris and assisted by Ian

Xander, Ian and Nick opening presents. The shirt reads; "If you can read this pull be back into the boat."

Chris with a funny sign, that may be a bit true

Allison and Chris opening stuff and looking good at it!

Spencer, Judy and Dave hard at that present thing

Tom trying to pull off the hillbilly old guy look

Ian just looking good!

Chris showing he's still got it

Spencer about to raspberry Uncle Dave

Spencer reading Aunt Reen and Uncle Toms comic books

Nick racing while Ian and Xander roll around fighting for control of the other steering wheel

Uncle Tom's birthday cake, it was a momentous occasion!

Aunt Maureen looking good and blowing a "kiss" to Uncle Tom.

Probably one of the best shot's of Tom I've ever taken, he is alive and well at 50!

Spencer chillaxing at a hotel in Illinois

Pictured here are the scouts that had the highest on line sales. Yep, front and center is our own

Here are all the popcorn winners and can you find Spencer, it's way easier than the old days when they were doing the Elementary School Christmas program.

Thanks for the support from everyone, on line and regular sales, summer camp is paid for for Spencer this year.

Have a great day!

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