August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Larry

We'll it's been two days and already my West Virginia vacation seems but a distant memory.  I was going to skip tonight's installment, no big news there, I'm pretty hit or miss lately.

But how can I not give a Birthday Shout out to my Brother In Law Larry?  I can't.

I don't have the old shots of Larry that I do from our family, which is probably OK with Larry, but here's a few that I do have. 

Each summer we try to take a weekend and go hang out with Larry, Terri and Jake.  This was from quite awhile ago with Uncle Larry showing the boys the ropes on the raft.


 Larry and Spencer giving me the ride of my life.


 Larry and Terri stopped over on their way to a formal and so since they got all dressed up, we had to have a picture.


 Christmas one year, that's Larry hiding behind Jake and Spencer.


 A good shot from one of the summer weekends.

 This year at AutoRama.  Great truck!


 Serious Christmas pose

 Not so serious

 Here he took us to an area with a large herd of deer right near their home.


Finally, this is a shot I took a few years back adn have always liked.  Not sure if Larry does or not, but then again, I'm doing the typing, so he's not got much to say does he!

That's about it.  Larry, thanks for all that you do for us, I really appreciate your friendship and you're a great Brother!  Have an awesome year!


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