December 10, 2008

Photo of the day, Wednesday


Long time, no type.

Yeah, my fault.

Isn't it usually?

What's new here? Well, I've been consumed by work, work and oh yeah, some more work. I have tried to see my family for a few minutes a day this week, to some success.

I am leading a Kaizan, or Lean Manufacturing event. This is typically a full time commitment for a week, well, actually it's like a 50 hour in 4 days kind of commitment. I am really tired, but really pleased with what our team has accomplished. No details, because, I don't think any of you really care beyond wanting me to do well, and honestly, that's too much typing.

Add to that, a major tooling project, with 18 injection mold tools, 2 progressive die tools, an aluminum extrusion tool, with secondary tooling, a plastic injection tool, with secondary tooling and finally a bunch of new parts using utility tooling. Yep, we're busy on the engineering side.

Oh, by the way, 4 other customers want to launch a new part or two with new dies and tools and all as well. I love the pressure cooker, but it's getting close to being to crazy for even me. Say la vee, no, I'm pretty sure the French spell that differently, in English it's "Such is Life".

I need a break from the white stuff, here's my nephew Jake tubing. You can't tell, but we're zooming along at about 30MPH. That's the cool thing about Jake, he can make it all look really easy.

Have a great day!

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