December 7, 2008

Photo of the day, Sunday

Chilly but really, really sunny! It was so sunny this morning that it hurt my eyes on the drive to church.

To add to the sunshine the Vikings helped the Lions in the quest for a perfect football season, perfect as in no wins.

We are heading out to a party tonight with the worship team and arts group from church. Holly's all jazzed up for it and I'm sure it will be fun.

We took our Wii game system to Tom and Maureens for Thanksgiving. Here we have Holly and the boys playing a game of Marioware or something like that. It's a pretty fun party game and Tom and Reen, though not photographed, really got into it too. In fact Maureen bought Tom a game for the system so that Tom could be better at something than the boys. Trouble is, 10 minutes on the game and Ian has it all figured out how to get bonus points. Tom is now searching for a kid in his area that can loan him some game time to practice. Hope that works for you Tom.

Have a great day!


Holly said...

I love Spencer's expression even though it isn't his turn to play.

Reen said...

We no longer need to find a kid to lend us the Wii - Wii have one....:-)