February 27, 2009

Photo of the day, Friday

Holly Update: She's doing well today, so well in fact, it's not really worth the update. Every day now she's a bit stronger and bit more able. It's good to see her on the mend.
We went out tonight with our dear friends Jeff and Lissa. That's them in the photo, yes Lissa, you've made the blog again. We went to Carrabba's, an Italian restaurant. While the food was really good, the waiter was phenomenal. One of those guys that's funny and knowledgeable about the menu and seemed to be in a good mood and happy to take our orders. Really made for a nice evening out and it was great to catch up with Jeff and Lissa while our boys caught up in their own way in front of the game system at their house. Thanks guys!

Have a great day!

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