February 26, 2009

Photo of the day, Thursday

Holly Update: She's going to town with the walking, that's for sure. She's burning a track into the main circuit around the house and to "mix it up a bit" she's introduced a method of doing a figure 8 using the island in the kitchen. So much fun!

I wanted to post the first shots of her walking, but couldn't due to technical difficulties. Her good friend, Cil, shot a photo to her that Holly posted on her blog, you really need to check it out. Well done Cil! Click here to see Holly's blog.

Some may have noticed that work isn't getting much press right now. I have a disability called compartentialization. It means when I get really stressed out, I don't talk about the stressed area. The stress is obvious and yet not. The economy is causing severe slow downs everywhere, even our manufacturing portion of our business. But on the advance product development side, that work load is at an all time high. For example, I have the privilege of heading up the largest single product launch that I've ever been associated with. I have lots of tools being built, some locally, some regionally and some globally. We are nearing the launch and so many things are coming together at once and the stress is almost palpable. That's just for one customer, all of our customers want to use this slow down to come up with new stuff so that they can take market share when we get better, so there are even more engineering projects going. Crazy! Special thanks to a keen person for a much needed shot of sunshine today!

Here's the shot that I was going to share last night when I couldn't find the camera cord. She's looking good and standing and holding both arms up. Wow, it was a heady moment. Not nearly as cute as Cil's, but a good sign of progress.

Have a great day!

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