February 21, 2009

Photo of the day, Saturday

Holly Update: Holly's obsessed with "Roller Coaster Tycoon". She's feeling good and living the life as we're waiting for the next update from the doctor. Hard to believe it's been nearly 6 weeks since the accident. Amazing how great she's doing, and that's for sure.

Crazy wild snow storm here today. They closed several chunks of the freeways around here. It was bad out, but we did what we needed early and then spent the rest of the day hunkering down and doing what we needed to in the house.
Here's a shot of me from our Chrismas party in 2008. Best I could do today.

Have a great day!


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JohnFS said...

OK, I just have to say it. This picture puts me in mind of the "Cat-In-the-Hat" from Dr. Seuss. Looks like you were having fun! Great shot in any case.