February 18, 2009

Photo of the day, Wednesday

Holly update: While getting tired of the wheelchair she's doing great! It was shower day today and that always helps someones mood, being clean and sparkly don't you know. Less than a week to go and we'll see the surgeon and see what the next steps are. Still upbeat, but weary, that's us.

It was a grueling day at work today. And really that's enough said. The environment of the economy is so down that we try to ignore it, but it's right up the street with layoffs and company's going into Chapter 11. Nuff said, I'm getting depressed right before bed, not a good idea.

How to get out of the funk? Show a picture of one of your kids being silly. Now that's refreshing!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

JohnFS said...

Indeed, no good getting bummed just before bed time!
I just wanted to say I appreciate your efforts in this forum and at your home. I wish we were closer so we could get to know you better! I guess I'll be grateful for these little snapshots of your life.
We ALL look forward to an excellent report from the surgeon, and then you. In hard times we must encourage one another to remember we are sons & daughters of the maker and ruler of the universe. WOW! That made me sit up.
Thanks again!