April 30, 2009

Rain, rain, go away, Pat wants to ride

I was tempted to ride the bike to work today. It wasn't raining when I was leaving, and usually I figure if I can get there dry, I don't mind riding home wet. Well I opted to take the car since I had Men's group as well, that way I could take my coffee. Well it was a good thing I was in the car, I broke a tooth and had to rush to the dentist during a monsoon downpour.

My brother Chris had an interesting post today and I'd like to encourage everyone to check it out. Click here. Sign up for a better world, all you need to do is find someone to help you sew up your costume, don't forget the cape!

Tomorrow we're heading to Tom and Reen's for a murder mystery party. I plan to take a camera and let you know, who done it!

It was wacky hair day today at the middle school. Here is what Spencer came up with. Ian was the stylist and the photographer.

I understand many colors were involved.

I really like his hair spiked up, not sure why, just do.

There you all the way around!

Have a great day,

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