April 16, 2009

Trilling Thursday

Great day at work, well, pretty great anyway. Landed a bit of work that we had been shut out of 1 year ago. The customer ran into problems, they asked us to help, we did and now we're back in. I love it when a plan comes together! (It wasn't my plan, just a hope.)
I have an awesome story from Jim and Nancy; This is a story about Dawn's boy Levi. Levi is a twin to Luke. They are 4 1/2. The Sunday school teacher is explaining the Crucifixion to the class. She said if Jesus hadn't Died on the cross we would all go to Hell for our sins. It was quiet and Levi said "Holy Crap!" That is a little boy that gets the consequences.

Tonight was Spence's spring concert. He and the rest of the 6th graders did great. Below is my usual "Where's Spence?" photo. Since Cindy always checks really early in the morning, I am going to say that the first one after Cindy to correctly ID Spence wins a pizza made by yours truly. Lawyer talk: must accept prize at my location, only one winner allowed. Cindy gets a pizza when ever she wants. Judges decisions are final. Good Luck!

I have tried to upload video on this but it just doesn't work so well. So I have uploaded to YouTube, just click here and maybe you'll be able to see Spence.

Have an awesome day!

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Reen said...

Third row - far right.