April 15, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

I have discovered that my work stress has abated enough for me to get my mojo back. Today was a day that I was blessed all day long. It started with an email that was uplifting through proving our point to a customer and winning the work through a nice quiet dinner with Holly to picking up the boys from youth group and discovering that it was bird night and I could hold them. Very cool.
Is that was the "Blue Bird of Happiness" looks like?
Anyone remember "Beretta"?
I held the one shown below, and she was heavy, but you can't say that!

Aside to Larry. Yeah, it's tough when they head south for a break and we're stuck. But soon enough we'll be riding and they'll be on 4 wheels. I have a tire getting replaced and couldn't ride today. Rats! Patience, that what I need.
Aside to Cindy, awesome that the whole family still does the big Easter thing. I guess we'll keep it going for awhile longer.
Have a great day!

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