May 20, 2009

And I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

Tomorrow the travel begins. I will be flying to Hong Kong and will arrive there at about 11PM Friday night (local time) Probably 11ish Michigan time. I dread the flight, but will actually probably enjoy my time once there. It's a very interesting place and since I'm blogging now, I'll try to share my experiences as I am able.
Holly Update: She's doing pretty well. We took the big bandage off today and she was able to shower. It sounded like it went pretty well. For the medically minded, the incision looks pretty good. I gave the boys the talk this afternoon that they'd be the primary care givers while I was gone. Needless to say, I left several phone numbers so that she could call for help if needed.
This just in from a faithful reader and dear friend, Miss Wendy from Ohio. We recently discovered that we had a common acquaintance in Brownsdale, Minnesota. He recently purchased the rights to use the sewer rat that is big in the trenchless tunneling world. The reason it's notable is that the rodent is wearing some SPAM gear. Totally awesome how the world around knows a quality product. Hat's off to Maynard! Thanks Wendy, you are a peach!

Here's Spence playing his DS handheld game system. While he's not a teen yet, he's definitely got the posture.

This one of Ian was an attempt to capture some random light peeking through the blinds and giving his face a splash of light. Not the teen angst, it's ever present.

Have a great day and I'll be in touch soon!

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