May 17, 2009

It's too windy to pick rocks!

It was a blustery day here today. Since I was the only one on the early am schedule I took the motorcycle. It was really breezy and cold, but really clear.

For those not in the know one of the spring chores that Minnesota farmers participated in when I was growing up was picking rocks from the fields. It seems a glacier moved through, created a bunch of lakes and dumped the stones in southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.

Here are a few shots that Spencer had taken or took himself at 6th grade camp. This was quite the deal, the kids went to this campground, rode horses, played ball and generally had a great time. I wanted to go, but work wouldn't allow it.

Here's Spencer near the YMCA court. Jacob took this one for Spence.

Self photo of Spencer, very cool.

Spencer took this one of one of his teachers and few other teachers. Hi Mr. Barr!

Have a great day!

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