May 9, 2009

Home from a soggy campout

The boys and I went off in search of adventure at Bertha Brock County Park with our fellow scouts from troop 282. It was awesome last night, warm, a bit a problem with mosquitoes, but on the whole really nice.

We were limited to 2 tents per campsite, and we had a few more than the allotted 8 tents. So I opted to sleep in the car. What a great idea! I had borrowed Holly's new Traverse, so I just folded all the seats down, rolled out the pad and sleeping bag and TA DA, bed!

At 2 in the morning the rains started with a boom. I worried about the boys getting wet, but I went back to sleep anyway. By 7 it was pretty much done. Spencer and I met up out by the fire and proceeded to get it cranked up again. It took a bit of coaxing, but before we had the coffee done we had a merry blaze going.

Right after breakfast, the rains came again and it rained until noon. I kept the fire going, others went back to bed to stay warm and dry and others wandered about in the rain. Very depressing. After lunch though, it was all good and by the time we were ready to leave most of the tent had dried out and everyone was in good spirits again.

A good trip is usually measured by memories and this one had a few good ones.

Here's a shot I took the other day at the putt putt golf course. I am always intrigued with conflicting statements.

Have a great day!

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