May 27, 2009

Post from Pat (via Holly)

I seem to be unable to access my blog while here in China, so thanks to my Technical Expert for helping me post this.

First off, an Anniversary Shout out is in order for Jim and Nancy. It's their Anniversary on Sunday, but with the uncertainty of how I will be feeling when I return I thought I should send this along now. Sorry, I don't have any of my stock photos on this PC. Anyway, Jim and Nancy, congratulations! You are a great couple and I hope Holly and I can do as well as long.

The trip has been interesting. It's the rainy season here and so it's been hot and rainy. Lots of flooding.

Hong Kong was good, I did manage to get to chuch Sunday morning at ECC, Funny thing was, Moody Bible College Men's Choir from Chicago was there. They did the music and the sermon. Pretty cool, but a bit disappointing. I really enjoyed the message from Pastor Jones last time and was hoping to hear him again.

Sunday afternoon we made our way to Mainland China. I had never ridden the train to cross the border, so this was a fun experience. Mike, my travelling associate, was amazed at how easy we got around. We didn't use a guide, we asked for a taxi to the station, bought our own ticket and off we went to GuangZhou station. There were a few of us foreigners on the train, but not many.

At each border crossing we have had to deal with quarantine stations to stop the movement of swine flu. I have had my temperature taken at least twice each crossing. It's a bit worrisome, you're pretty hot hauling your luggage and then here they come with a laser thermometer. So far so good. If you fail, you will be detained until they deem you to be safe. I guess it's a pretty good resort, but not my idea of fun.

More later, I need to send this off and get to breakfast. It's 6:30 AM, exactly 12 hours ahead of Grand Rapids MI.

The shot that I have included is from Victoria's Peak on Hong Kong Island. It was really wild being up inside the rain clouds. I saw several umbrella's get broken.
Have a great day!

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