May 30, 2009

Hong Kong Update

We ran into so many snags this past week it had gotten to be pretty comical. We told each other that we'd better not start something unless we were willing to have it fall apart in our hands. Well, it was funny until the boss asked us to stay over until next Thursday. Then we got pretty down, we were so close to coming home. But Mike and I refused to let this ruin any more of our lives than possible and so we picked ourselves up and we're making the best of it. We have a plan for next week and, if God is willing, we should be able to end our trip well.

So for a break we are taking today, Saturday, May 30th, and making it a holiday. The boss insisted since we had to stay over. So we found an amusement park, kind of like Michigan Adventure, with rides and a water park. The 3 office people and their families are here and then Mike and I. I was a long drive but in the end worth it, in my opinion. We are out of the other hotel for a day and seeing some new things. If you click on the link it will show you a bit;

As we were wandering around I was getting silly and saying hello to who ever stares at us for more than a second, and as a semi tall American, I get stared at a lot. It was going great, then these young people came up and for some reason I felt that they were sizing me up so I took a close up of them, it's the photo for today. Ian, they were really cool and cute and I know you're jealous. After they posed for me they asked me to pose with them and so I did, I have attached that one as well. Later, as I was walking around I ran into a snack bar that had fresh popcorn and Spencer's face spring to my mind. I bought a bag and shared it with the group, telling them that this was my number 2 son's number 1 snack.

Have a great day!

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